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Iver Johnson Identification Please

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I just picked up an Iver Johnson revolver at a gun show that my wife fell in love with but now I am trying to identify it, mostly for knowing whether or not it can shoot .38 s&w or if it needs black powder loads. Unfortunately, the gun is in 10 day jail so I am unable to get all of the information to identify it.

Here is what I know:

Iver Johnson Hammerless Revolver
Owls on grips but I do not remember the placement or direction
.38 five shot capacity
4 inch barrel
6942 on the butt of the grip
Blued finish
No "safety" on the trigger

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out.
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You really need to know a couple things first. Coil or band spring for the trigger? Direction of owls on grips? Patent dates? Barrel rib markings? Letter prefix on serial number.
I am no expert, but have learned from the experts here, that without this info, its impossible to tell, and with it, pretty much assured to know.
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