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I have read many of the posts on the Iver Johnson and it looks to me like I have a large frame I think second series 38. It has a last patent date of Iver Johnson arms and cycle works...Dec 26th 93 pats pending on the barrel the barel is 3.25 inches in length the weight seems to mach the expected weight of the large frame. It has owl grips the owels face towards the barrel. There is no serial number under the grips maybe an "I" on the right hand grip frame but no serial number as I have seen on the other examples. It does have a number on the bottom of the grip frame it is distinct and clear it reads what I thought was 2615 G but now I think the last letter is actually a 6 reading 26156 although there is a space between the 5 and the last digit. Also it has the double catch on the top and the exposed hammer with two pins in fhe frame and was in blue. Any help identifying the year etc would be greatly appreciated. It was a gift from my Uncle. Bob
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