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Hello, I have been reading the forums for a while now but couldn’t find the specific info that I need on an old Iver Johnson that I just picked up. It seems like it’s in acceptable condition. It has a lot of wear that gives it character but no cracks or anything that is mechanically bad, except the lockup is lose, when cocked the cylinder does seem to line up with the barrel but it can wiggle at least a 16th of an inch. is this normal with these old pistols? The serial number on the trigger guard is the same as the one under the left grip except the one on the grip has an “A” before the numbers. I’ve read that if it has a letter prefix then it is safe to shoot modern smokeless ammo? This is a very cool little pocket pistol and I would love to be able to shoot and if it shoots well then keep it in my Jeep for a snake gun. As for ammo I’m guessing that it is a 22 short? I’m hoping that I can shoot 22 lr out of it but I doubt that, it looks like a 22 short. Thank you so much for any answers that you can provide me!
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