Iver Johnson model 1900

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    use the information above for values.

    main serial number found on left side of grip frame under grip (must remove grip to see).

    serial number 21900 on left side of grip frame no letter code manufactured in 1901

    serial number F21900 on side side of grip frame manufactured in 1910

    serial number C21900 on left side of grip frame manufactured in 1946

    no letter code found on the left side of the grip frame would indicate this revolver was manufactured for black powder cartridge pressures only.
  2. Lynden

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    Aug 26, 2009
    b.goforth thanks for the info. There is no letter on the frame or trigger guard, therefore it should be a 1901 model made for blackpowder pressures. I'm glad I found this out before I threw a hot .38 in there and blew something of mine off. :)

    I guess it's getting cleaned and displayed as an antique.

  3. Buck Cording

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    Jun 9, 2011
    The model 1900 was manufactured from 1900 to 1941. It was offered in three calibers and sizes. .22 cal rimfire (small sized), .32 cal center fire or rimfire ( medium sized), and .38 SW centerfire ( large sized).

    The serial number is located under the grip panel and might also be found under the trigger guard. If your revolver is the earlier version, or a type 1, then the revolver will be marked on the top strap with I.J. DOUBLE ACTION MODEL, 1900. If it is a later version, or type 2, it will be marked on the top strap with DOUBLE ACTION FITCHBURG, MASS, MODEL 1900 U.S.A.

    There were approximately 219,700 of your .32 cal model made from 1900 till it was discontinued in 1941.

    All of this information came from W. E. Goforth's book titled Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Firearms 1897 - 1993.

    I hope this helps!

    Buck Cording
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    Buck Cording,
    Welcome to the forum.
    If you will look back a couple postings previous to yours, you will see that Lynden was actually communicating with W.E. Goforth back in 8/2009.
    Stick around, we can always use more help with the Iver Johnson pieces, now that Bill G. is no longer with us.
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    If it is made for black powder only then why are the only parts that you can buy for this gun as replacements are all centerfire or rimfire. They dont make black powder parts for this gun.
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    Welcome to the forum Kyle.

    Maybe you are thinking that black powder only means muzzleloaders? All cartridges, rimfire and centerfire, were loaded with black powder until 1890s when smokeless powder was introduced, and black powder cartridges continued to be available until ca 1930s.

    If you have a black powder era Model 1900 (made before 1909) and are concerned about using later replacement parts, don't be, as no changes in lockwork design were made in the 41 years of manufacture. The upgrade for smokeless powder was the use and preparation of a higher grade of steel for the frame and cylinder.
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    Whoops - realized it is a different IJ model. Never mind;.

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