Iver Johnson Model 55 Target NEED HELP

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    Hello all,
    I have an Iver Johnson Model 55 Target .22, 8 shot revolver in the original brown leatherette box. The box is marked Mod 55 Target and has the correct ser #. The revolver itself is marked Mod 55 Target etc. However I can't find any reference to the Mod 55 being a target revolver??? The books that I have refer to the Model 55A as being a target revolver and having a fluted barrel and wood grips. This revolver has a smooth cylinder and heavy plastic grips. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks in advance and God bless. cordell

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    the model 55 Target was introduced in march of 1955 as the first of the 50 series solid frame double action revolvers.
    model 50 rod ejecting sestern style introduced in 1961 (sidewinder)
    model 55S short barrel introduced same time as 55 (cadet)
    model 56 starter introduced in 1956 (blank firing only)
    model 57 introduced in 1956 adjustable sights (also marked target).
    in 1961 a loading gate was added to the right side and the A was added to all the model numbers (see below)

    I.J. TARGET MODEL 55------------------------------------1955-1960
    The year 1955 Iver Johnson’s Arms & Cycle Works introduced a new designed solid frame double action revolver. For the next few years they introduced at least one new model a year, the first year two new models were introduced. The Model 55 is a large solid frame revolver with pull pin cylinder release, blue finish and large oversize one piece plastic grips (they called them Tenite). Does not have Hammer the Hammer action. Barrel length: 4 ½ inch and 6 inches; .22 rimfire caliber with 8 rounds cylinder capacity, recessed chambers and Flash Control front rim (cylinder unfluted until 1958); Weight with 4 ½ inch barrel 26 ounces, with 6 inch barrel 27 ounces; Frame height 4 inches; Frame length 4 7/8 inches; Overall length: with 4 ½ inch barrel 9 ¼ inches, with 6 inch barrel 10 ¾ inches.
    I.J. TARGET MODEL 55A----------------------------------------1961-1978
    The difference between this A series and the earlier series is the addition of a loading gate to the right side of the frame. All specifications are the same except a small weight gain because of the loading gate. This model was also called Iver Johnson Sportsman in the 1974 to 1978 era DOES NOT HAVE HAMMER THE HAMMER ACTION
    VALUE: 100%=$225 60%=$95

    the fluted cylinder was added to all 50 series in production in 1958. so your remolver was manufactured between 1955 and 1957. your revolver has the blade type frint sight so was most likely manufactured in 1957 or very early 1958. what is the letter code used as a serial number prefix.
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    Apr 30, 2006
    Thank you very much for the excellent and detailed response to my inquiry! This has been sitting around for many years and when I was trying to describe the revolver to a young fellow I am corresponding with in Iraq, I could not find this data.

    The prefix you requested is "C"...(C190XX) Thank you again for all your time and effort in researching this, I will put a copy of your response in the box so that future owners will not have the same problem. Thanks you again and God bless you and yours. cordell
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