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Iver Johnson Model X age

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I have a Iver Johnson Model X rifle. The serial number is 17765. Is there any listing that would indicate the age of this rife? The story behind how my father acquired this rifle years ago is probably more valuable than the rifle itself.

I was just hoping there serial number may provide the age of the rifle.

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Welcome to TFF.

No serial number records but the book lists:

Early model 1928-1932, 22" barrel, overall length 39-1/4" knob at end of forend.

Late model 1933-1941? 24" barrel, overall 41" finger grooves in forend
New to the site, first entry, Just inherited all my late grandfathers long guns, including an IVER JOHNSON .22, serial 7382. Would love to learn anything I can about it. Also some Winchester 70's, and a Winchester model 94., all pre 64. and a Browning 16 g. He passed in 62. In mint condition, haven't been fired since. Very honored to have them, but I am most drawn to the I.J.
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