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I have been reading about a weapon I've inherited from my dad. Info as follows: Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works, Fitchburg, Mass.,U.S.A.( on barrel), 5 shot .32 caliber, break frame, safety hammerless model, blued finish, serial # on grip frame O64982, on trigger guard 64982, #'s on grip base : Pat. June16.96 Aug25.96 Pats Pending; 3" barrel, safety trigger.

Question: it appears in great shape but I don't know if this is a black powder cartridge OR .32 S&W cartridge revolver. Also don't know the year it was made . Also can't find a front sight (it's missing) anywhere.

Can you tell me what I have and if it's safe to shoot .32 S&W ammo?
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