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I have a iver johnson revolver that has been in the family for many years. Picture attached.
Description of the revolver:
Small frame, nickel plated except for trigger guard. Trigger guard has bluing.
Barrel is 2 inches exactly. It is a 5 shot 32 caliber centerfire. It has the safety in the trigger. Plating is intact 99.9%. Grips are intact 100%.
Stamped on the left side of the barrel:
iver johnson's arms & cycle works
fitchburg mass usa
Stamped on the butt:
pat june 18,96 aug 25,96
pat's pending
Stamped on the trigger guard:
Stamped on the left grip frame:
I have been trying to determine if this pistol requires black powder cartridges. Also what type of cartridge Colt 32 or S&W 32? I am told there is a difference. At the local gun shop I was told it will be a 32 short cartridge. They were not sure if it was black powder as they could not identify the pistol in their catalogs.
What year was the pistol manufactured? Any idea on what it might be worth?
I have no intention of selling it though.
The person at the gun shop said that while he has seen many iver johnson pistols, he had never seen a 2 inch barrel on one. He said the top break pistols have a weakness in the latch. If I plan use the pistol for target practice I should be aware that the steel holding the latch could crack over time. He said it was a fine pistol and implied I should just keep it as a show piece. Any comment?


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Welcome to TFF.

You have a small frame hammerless second model made in 1905 for the black powder .32 S&W cartridge.

The 2" barrel version was advertised as the "Cycle" model "for cyclists and autoists --- a perfect revolver for women, as its weight and size would not be noticeable in a handbag, or a holster worn below the knee"

They are scarce in that condition, and it should be worth a couple hundred to an Iver Johnson collector.
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