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Thanks for the info, but it appears my gun is not a Model 55 SA, at least from going through their web site with various search criteria with no luck.

The 55 SA on their site was .22 not . 38 Special.

Thanks again and I am still open to any suggestions.

Take care.
The .38 Special caliber Model 55 SA was introduced in 1975. But The I. J. 50 series revolvers made in 1970s were produced in several models and names, and after further comparison of your gun to those shown in Goforth's I.J. book, I think yours is the "Bulldog" variation, as the 55 and 57 models did not have the flat barrel rib.

Any of the 50 series grips should fit your gun, but your real need is the rear sight. It wouldn't hurt to contact Numrich's customer Service Dept. as they sometimes have parts not listed.

You can also register and post on their 'parts wanted' forum:


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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