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Good afternoon all!

Have recently got hold of side-by-side shotgun and trying to identify year of production and other details which can be discovered basing on marking this gun has.

It has marking of J.B.Ronge & son manufacturer and it seems that gun has been made ideed by Liege Manufacturer, which is confirmed by proof mark ELG.

I has been told that year of production is somewhere between 1912 and 1914.

Overall condition is good, would be great to know value range.

Thank you in advance for any kind of help in ID of this gun model / type.

Another important thing is I would be grateful if someone could explain what markings on the gun, which you can see below.

Here we go with pictures:


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Welcome to TFF.

I can't estimate value, but will try to translate the markings as outlined in Wirnsberger's 'Standard Directory of Proof Marks'

70 over 20.5 = 70mm chamber length (2-3/4") and 20.5mm chamber diameter

12C in diamond = 12 gauge (C = chambre)

17.5 over 18.5 and 6 = 17.5mm muzzle diameter and 18.5/6mm bore diameter 8.6" from breech

Star over letters = inspectors' marks

Script EL = preliminary proof

Lion over PV = smokeless powder proof

Crown over ELG in oval = post 1892 Liege final proof


The Ronge Company was founded in 1830s and continued under that name until 1929.

Boehler Antinit is a high grade steel produced by the Böhler Company of Germany.
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