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    couple of weeks ago I bought 2 T38 from J&G and they arrived coated in cosmo and were fairly rough after being cleaned. Monday I ordered two T38's & 2 MN 91/30 from SOG. They arrived Wednesday and NO cosmo!!. They were all absolutely great. I believe the wood on one of the T38's to be walnut but I don't know what the other is. Both do need to be cleaned but all could have been fired right out of the box.

    If I ever buy another C&R, it will be from SOG and just for grins, I'll pay the extra 10 bucks to see what a hand picked will be. In my opinion SOG is light years ahead of J&G for the same price. Tom
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    don't know about now but back in the early 80's J&G had the nickname of Jip & Gouge