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    Feb 3, 2010
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    Jack asked for a picture of my new toy when i got it to gether and for any one easl that might want a look. The stock that cam with the gun was one of those cheep ones that your lucky to get $25.00 for if you can fine some one to buy it at all. So i put two 1/4 rods through the forearm to the first screw hole that holds the stock on the action and made the forearm 2 ans 1/2" wide to ride my frount rest better and painted it black.

    It's a 6.5x47 28" MaGowen 9 twist barrel with a 11 dagree crown on a savage 10fp action. With a 8x32x56 with a 30mm tube fch sightron scop EGW base and millett angle loc rings. I'm going in the morn to do the shoot and clean thing to break the barrel in. I want to see how it's going to shoot, but i see a sss competition tregger in the comeing weeks also. The picture isn't that good but the beat part of it is i did all the work my self and it's a great past time for me.

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Bloody nice !

    will you crono some rounds?

    28" is about optimal for 6.5 but only the older jap rifles where common in the length here ( you'd have a bigger range)

    and many of those where worn to hell by the time i got to play with them

    i think that will be a "hot" rifle , meaning the advertised MV's will be higher due to the extra length , as the 6.5 loads are more suited to longer burns and waste a lot of energy on short barrels

    Thanks a heap for the pic!

    do do a range report when possible please!