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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 358 winchester, Jan 20, 2007.

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    Here is what Carla & I will be doing next week and until February 2 2007
    This coming Wednesday morning about 3 am we will start the drive to Virginia Beach Va., to visit my oldest son and his family. We will have my mother with us (so y’all pray for me, two back seat drivers). Thursday I will be going to GRANDPARENTS DAY at school! I will be driving straight through going and coming so stops along the way will not be possible this trip.
    Then on Saturday morning I will drive on into Hunt Valley, Maryland. Mother is going to stay in Va. with the kids (only one extra driver). We will be staying at the Marriott’s Hunt Valley Inn on Shawan Rd. and the room will be in Carla’s name since the government is paying for it. We plan to arrive about 1pm Saturday and will depart Friday about noon.
    SO if you are in this area and can find the Inn come by for coffee, I am not going out driving around in the snow and ice my vehicle isn’t equipped for it. If you think you may come by PM or EMAIL me before Tuesday night and I will send you our cell phone numbers. I will have nothing to do all day while Carla is in school but read and watch the people walk around. I am just the live in chauffer. If you are from around there and know of something interesting to do please let us know.
    I do have plans to stop by Greeker375’s house on the way back to Va. to pick up mother before heading home. (Looking forward to that visit) We also hope to get to met ReloadCM while up there in the area.
  2. Ron, I envy you the trip, though perhaps not the two backseat drivers! :D Seriously, be careful on the drive; the weather's been a bit severe along the right coast recently and you might run into (horror of horrors!;) ) snow. Wish we lived close enough to where you're going to stop by and meet you and Carla. Maybe one of these days you'll drift over Colorado way, or we'll end up lookin' for the 'gators in the swamp down Pensacola way and we can arrange a vist. Enjoy those grandkids!

  3. pickenup

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    Enjoy the trip. Well, as much as you can anyway. ;) :D :D
  4. SouthernMoss

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    Sounds like a great trip. Be careful, and have fun!
  5. Marlin

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