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I am interesting in selling this rifle and bayonet and would like to know its potential value.

This has been in my family since it was acquired by my uncle who fought in the Pacific in WW2. There has bee no refinish, restoration or rebuild of the rifle. The rifle retains most of the bluing, except there is some light rusting and pitting, which the photos show.

I have identified the following via this online article:

The chrysanthemum stamped on the receiver has been ground off i.e. the rifle was surrendered after the war and not captured in the field.

The characters on the receiver indicate the rifle is a type 99.

The arsenal mark on the left side of the receiver at the end of the rifle serial number indicates this rifle was manufactured at the Nagoya Arsenal (1923-1945). The serial number is 81676.

The small Japanese character (kana) placed within a circle to the left of the serial number indicates this rifle is series 3.

The bayonet is a Hooked quillon type. The symbols stamped on the right ricasso indicate the bayonet was manufactured by Howa Jyuko under Nagoya supervision. The blade is blued.

The following is upon my inspection:

All markings (with the exception of the removed mum) are well struck and very legible.

The wood is in good condition with no cracks, only expected wear for a combat weapon.

The aircraft sight wings are fully intact and function smoothly.

The action of the bolt & trigger is smooth. The cleaning rod is also in excellent condition.

From what I could tell without a bore light, the bore appears in good condition, though the entire rifle could use a good (professional) cleaning.

The edge on the bayonet is clean with no dents or dings and the bluing is still 98% overall.


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"IF" it had the dust cover, intact Mum, monopod, sling in good shape, and no rust, in my neck of the woods, about $800+. Bayo/scabbard are in good shape, $75-$100.
By the pics, Rifle and bayo combo, about $600.
Jim Brady spoke my mind, please get some oil on it! Your rifle has a chrome plated bore, some bore solvent on a bore brush will shine it up like the bumper on an old Buick.
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