JARD trigger for AR-15 problems

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    Dec 20, 2003
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    I have the JARD trigger for my AR-15 clone. I had the opportunity to shoot the gun yesterday and I had forgotten how disappointing the JARD trigger was. It releases smoothly but with some slightly rough creep. It is adjusted exactly as per the directions.

    How do I know? Because I have done it multiple times! At first I adjusted to their instruction only to get a trigger much like it is now. Then I adjusted the creep out. It worked fine on the bench but doubled all the time when the gun was shot with live ammo. I then adjusted it closer to the instruction but with less creep and it would occasionally double. I now have it back to the instructions setting and it has creep that is kind of objectionable. It kind of acts like a two stage trigger but the let off is too sensitive after the creep. I am not happy with this trigger at all. I wish I had bought a good two stage trigger. But oh, the prices! Even the Timney single stage trigger for this gun is expensive. This AR is set up as a varmint gun with heavy barrel, flat top, and a 4 to 12 power scope. A good trigger is most important to get small groups.

    Is my experience with the JARD trigger the same as others here? Am I missing something? Anyone modified the JARD trigger to fix this problem? If so how? It acts like the engagement angles on the sear are too close to 90 degrees allowing it to slip off too easily when the system gets a bump from the firing of a cartridge. I tried to modify the stock trigger without success.

    Anyone got a better unit that works good, single or two stage? Are the two stage triggers really worth the $250 price tag? I am not going to throw away $200+ on another less than good trigger!

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