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    Apr 6, 2006
    I saw in an earlier question your comments on the Jas Golcher productions, (patch box and lock) but i was hoping you might be able to help a little more. The barrell has no name on it, but there was some stamps on it. It appears to be like a dot then another dot with 5 small radiations coming out of the dot. Overall width of the stamp is approximatly 3/16", total number of stamps is something like .(NO RADIAITONS), .(WITH RADIATIONS), ETC. There appears to have been 4 of the radiating symbols on top with more layered underneath in-line. At the end of the stamps there is some faint engraving appearing to be the same design of the Golcher engraving on the patch box, trigger guard and lock. At the base of the barrell where it attaches to the stock there is more floral engraving with 2 grooves cut across the diameter. The front sight appears to be brass base with a silver blade. From the looks of the engraving i would hazzard a guess that this is one of Golchers barrels. What i would really like to acquire would be a replacement hammer as this one is missing. This rifle is an old family relic that has been handed down for generations, and is now a fireplace hanger. THANKS Scott