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    This time the DEA shot a 14-year old girl, thinking she had a suspect in her car. The news story below gives you the "toned-down" version. The public outrage in San Antonio is high.

    The girl's father is a drug dealer; there's no question about that. The DEA was after him, and had been staking out his house. Apparently, the girl went outside to move the car to the back of the house as she does every night. She had a family friend with her. The father wasn't even at home. The DEA thought it was her father, so they swarmed her car with vehicles and weapons. At this point, according to eyewitnesses, they were not wearing the proper gear and did not identify themselves. They just surrounded her with guns. She thought it was some type of gang attack (so did the neighbors), and she tried to get free by ramming the vehicles. The DEA shot her in the head. AFTER THE FACT, they put on their gear and determined that it wasn't even their suspect in the car.

    How long will we, the public, tolerate these types of Gestapo tactics used on innocent citizens? I can understand an honest mistake now and again, but their FIRST priority should be protecting the public, not themselves. Whatever happened to clearly identifying your target? What happened to good police work and getting your facts straight before an arrest? The JBTs shoot first and ask questions later.

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    Sniper: Have you not learned that the #1 rule of LEO's is to go home when shift is over.

    To "serve" the community is the last thing on the list. Point in case; 911 phone training is designed as a tactical tool for LEOs, NOT a service to the community.

    Having been on the other end of a 911 call,and having a good friend in the PD, I speak from first hand experience. All the operator wanted to know was how many perps, how many guns, etc. Not once did he ask if anyone was hurt or in danger. My friend told me they sat a block away until the 911 operator gave them the all clear. They then damn near shot the victims.

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    JBT's can

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    Any city or town of size MUST have their own SWAT teams it seems, to be recognized as something other than a podunk department. They naturally attract the most aggresive (Gung Ho) members of the department who then are allowed to carry all their personal firepower home with them in the city provided vehicle. Thieves in my area are aware of this policy and have been swiping the vehicles or ripping them off quite frequently. I wouldn't worry too much about thugs getting their hands on the firearms in the private sector if I were an Anti - I'd be more concerned of the various law agencies providing a ready supply of fully automatic weapons and the like to the criminally disposed.

    These same Gung Ho tactical team members appear a little too quick on the trigger - almost as if they are hoping against hope for the chance to pop a cap or two. A local cop is going to trial for murder in this area for capping a young woman in the head at a drug store drive-thru while her 3 year old son was in a car seat in the back. His excuse - she began to drive away and knocked his motorcycle over as he was in the vehicle's rear grabbing a plate number. Shot her thru the open car window and from the left rear of her head. The drug store had called the police concerning an alledged fraudlent prescription she was trying to have filled.

    I say all this, having been a LEO myself years ago and having a smattering of insight into the inner workings of such agencies.
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