jd's nephew carries on the his cause

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    Jan 1, 2009
    hey guys jd's brother here again this time i come to you for your assistance .jd's 13 yr old nephew is in high school and has been issued orders to do a movie on a signifgant part in history after the civil war.his friends and him wanted to do somthing that they did not learn in depth in class .being that i am a military historian and am now educating the public on the viet-nam war they came to me for help the best way i knew to do that was to go striaght to the men and women that were there . the teacher requested that they pick a certain battle,i recomended the do the tet offensive since the resources they would need would be vast.if any of you who were there have stories pictures anything that would help this is our chance to get your experiances to the youth of our country directly thank you all for your help. god bless the usa!
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    Good luck on this... Also good to see you again.


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