Jihadi's attack free speech advocates home and kids, home is firebombed

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    some background

    this family where muslim until they got away from it and converted away from islam , the father has been a outspoken opponent of sharia law here

    he often states that sharia is the opposite of freedom and democracy

    now this


    SIX people including four children were inside a Ballajura house last night when an explosive material was thrown through a bedroom window which caused a massive fire.

    Shocked neighbours today told of the commotion that roused them from their homes last night, saying they heard screeching car tyres and shouts of celebration from a carload of men which sped from the scene seconds after the firebombing.

    Fire investigators today found a cylinder-shaped rocket-like flare in the front garden of the home, which was examined, photographed and bagged as evidence.

    A 14-year-old boy occupant said the family was sleeping in their Winchester Place house when a petrol bomb or flare was thrown through his parent's bedroom window at about 11pm, narrowly missing his father.

    “I heard this loud bang sound, I ran towards my dad’s room and I opened the door and there was a lot of smoke,” Faisal said.

    “He came out, we grabbed all the kids and we got out of the house.

    “We ran back into the house to grab a couple of things, we opened the bedroom door again but it was all on fire.

    “We came out of the house again and there was like an explosion and the whole place just caught on fire.”

    Faisal, who has lived in the Winchester Place house since the age of one, said his family was shaken but unharmed.

    One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said he heard a car, with several young men on board "yelling and yahooing'' and honking their car horn as they sped away from the burning house.

    Another neighbour, who lives next door to the house which was firebombed, said she was woken by the screech of car tyres and loud bangs. A dark coloured sedan, possibly a Nissan Skyline, was seen speeding away.

    "I came outside and saw that the bedroom was on fire, I was so worried about our house because the fire was so close,'' she said.

    "I thought 'what in the world is going on."

    Keith, an 80-year-old resident who lives across the road, said he also heard a loud bang.

    “I came outside and the left hand front window of the house was on fire,” he said.

    “The flames really got up high.”

    Witnesses said the fire engulfed the home incredibly quickly, spreading rapidly throughout the house and into the roof.

    Early today the gutted brick and tile home was still smouldering as uniformed police, arson squad detectives and FESA investigators continued to examine the scene.

    A dark coloured sedan was seen speeding away from the scene.

    A FESA spokesman said 18 fire-fighters were required to extinguish the blaze, which caused about $600,000 damage.

    Anyone with any information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

    ( but for the love of God dont say anything about islam ....)
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