jihadi's in sydney ? surely you jest

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    for those who remember the facebook posts about these guys , this today ..


    Police tail Sydney's jihad gang

    AN EXTREMIST Islamic group suspected of planning a crime spree across Sydney to raise money for the Taliban has been uncovered by counter-terrorism police.

    The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that NSW Police and national security agencies have been investigating the group members for over a year, with the case currently active.

    The extremists have been the subject of a top secret operation led by the NSW Police Force, ASIO, Australian Federal Police and the NSW Crime Commission.

    A group of men, aged between 20 and 30, all Australian citizens of Middle Eastern-descent, have been identified as the core members.

    Police believe the men, who have been under detailed surveillance, have been planning a series of elaborate criminal enterprises to raise significant sums of cash.

    The Sunday Telegraph has been told authorities suspect at least one of the men wanted to send money overseas to support terrorism networks.

    However, police insisted yesterday they had no evidence of money transfers out of Australia.

    "You have guys with extreme views and a position about the conflict in the Middle East," a source said.

    "They formed an alliance along the same form of beliefs."

    However, when questioned about the terrorism probe, a police spokesman said: "NSW Police Force doesn't comment on current counter-terrorism investigations."

    Senior police confirmed to The Sunday Telegraph the investigation was continuing and that several "associates" who moved in and out of the group were being assessed.

    Counter-terrorism chiefs evaluated the group as being "in the extreme category" of religious ideology, saying that they were inspired to act based on "events in the Middle East".

    The youngest member of the group expressed an interest to train with the Taliban in Afghanistan with an aim to "engage" Coalition forces, a police source said.

    The individual also had a desire to become a "martyr" through "jihad", and followed the teachings of the al-Qaeda spiritual leader Anwar al-Awlaqi, who was killed on Friday night in an American air raid in Yemen.

    Police have internet posts by the man who writes of his support for the "Mujahideen" heading into Afghanistan to defend Islam.

    He says he has no desire to become a suicide bomber but yearns to be a martyr.

    The Sunday Telegraph cannot reveal details of the investigation into the men, or their identities, for legal reasons.

    Authorities said there has been "no suggestion" that members of the targeted group were planning a terrorist act in Australia.

    Members of the group followed the teachings of a Sydney sheik. They also regularly attended the sheik's prayer sessions.

    The sheik is linked to a fundamentalist branch of Islam which the men are said to be "very supportive of".

    Police said the sheik was not associated in any way with the terrorist group or their activities.

    "These people often had views which were more extreme than (the sheik)," a law enforcement source said.
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    Mar 6, 2011
    I keep trying to tell these bleeding heart liberals around here that this is the muslim belief in the U.S. also but of course they say I'm just prejudiced.

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