JTF-FA Helicopter Crash

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    We earlier had a discussion about the helicopter crash involved in the joint effort of our gov't and the Vietnamese to account for our MIA/KIA from the Vietnam War.

    Bill (I'm sorry..his last name/board nickname escapes me) had a Vietnamese friend who was involved in that effort, and he feared that his friend had perished in the crash.

    Here is the list of the Vietnamese onboard - The Vietnamese victims of the crash
    included :
    Nguyen Than Ha, deputy director of the Vietnamese liaison office; Senior
    Col. Tran Van Bien, deputy director for the Vietnamese Office for Seeking
    Missing Personnel: Lt. Col. Nguyen Van Ha; Maj. Nguyen Thanh Son; Maj.
    Nguyen Huu Nham; Maj. Vu Pham The Kien; Lt. Giap Thanh Ngan; Lt. Pham Duy
    Dung; and Lt. Dang Ngoc, all officers in the Vietnamese Air Force.


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    Great job finding the names of the Vietnamese victims!

    Can anyone tell me why their names were not printed right alongside the names of the American casualties in the first place? My guess is that it required too much effort for the reporter who first ran the story.

    Did you find it on the Internet?


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    This list of the Vietnamese casualties
    was included in a recent "Bits and Pieces" email newsletter
    I receive from the National Alliance of Families For The Return
    of America's Missing Servicemen.

    I really have no idea why they weren't published along side
    the list of our personnel lost in the helicopter crash, or
    when their identities were released.
    It may have to do with the wishes of the Vietnamese
    gov't, the Vietnamese agencies involved in this joint effort,
    the Vietnamese Air Force, the families of these men, etc.
    I really don't know.

    If anyone is interested in receiving this newsletter, let me know
    and I'll send you the email contact to ask to be included in
    their mailing list. The Nat'l Alliance of Families does great work
    in the POW/MIA issue.