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    This is a pretty blatant pitch for money, as are all the Consertive Alert messages. However, I feel the info contained herein is important enough to pass on anyway.
    This CONSERVATIVE ALERT prepared for xxxxxx xxxxxx:
    ISSUE: This is VERY IMPORTANT. Please read it all, and forward it QUICKLY to everyone you know!

    We've got GREAT NEWS to share with you about the effort to break the unprecedented filibuster of the President's judicial nominees. For 30 hours, beginning Wednesday evening, the Senate will engage in debate over President Bush's qualified nominees and over the Frist-Miller Bill to eliminate the endless filibuster as to nominations, no matter what party controls the Senate or the White House.

    No judicial nominee has ever previously been the subject of a filibuster. This year, Democrats have blocked 4 nominees by filibuster and threaten more.

    Today the Dems, the minority, are denying fellow Senators the ability to fulfill their constitutional duty of "advise and consent" through an honest vote, up or down. Democrats have changed the rules and traditions of the Senate and they have amended the people's Constitution without the people's consent.

    Majority Leader Sen. Frist's response so far has been to schedule and use an unprecedented amount of time to debate judicial nominations on the Senate floor. They've pressured Democrats by forcing them to vote repeatedly to deny nominees an up or down vote. This process has forced a spotlight on their blatant unprecedented obstructionism.

    These efforts are being recognized nationwide. Since the beginning of the year over 260 editorials across the country have joined Republicans in denouncing this obstruction. Only 46 have supported Democrats.

    By engaging in this marathon debate, GOP Senators will make their case to the American people that what Democrats are doing is unconstitutional.

    One way or another, the filibusters WILL end.

    Now WE need to spread the word -- and here's how to take part in it. Our friend Chuck Muth at Citizen Outreach has just sent us an email that we knew you'd want to read. Starting Wednesday at 6:00pm, there's nothing more important for the future of America than what the message below is discussing.

    Please READ IT and FORWARD IT. Thank you!


    From: Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach
    Subject: Your Front Row e-Seat at the Justice for Judges Marathon!

    One thing I learned a long time ago as a GOP county chairman in Las Vegas is that the best way to handle a critic is to put 'em in charge of the thing they're criticizing.

    For the last couple of months, we - meaning you and I - have been rather critical of Senate Republicans and their failure to play hardball with the Democrats over these judicial filibusters. I think we may have called 'em things like "wimps" and threatened to withhold financial support if they didn't find their backbones and take off the gloves.

    Well they did... and they're gonna.

    So you can guess what happened next, right?


    At a briefing in the Capitol last Friday, Citizen Outreach was asked to manage and oversee the "web room" during the marathon debate on the Democrats' judicial filibusters scheduled for later this week.

    So when Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist takes to the floor Wednesday evening to launch the 30-hour "Justice for Judges" marathon, Citizen Outreach will be squirreled away in "Internet Alley" in the Capitol managing the official website for this historic marathon effort.

    You can take a look at it by going to: www.justiceforjudges.com

    In addition to serving as a kinda clearinghouse portal where you'll find links to news stories on the marathon (already up), press conference schedules, live online chats, breaking news and links to leading conservative organizations working on this issue, we'll also be conducting regular "live" webcast interviews with leaders of the effort, compliments of the good folks at Radio Free Republic who host our weekly "Always Right" talk show.

    This is a very BIG deal for us and I'm excited about our being such a significant part in this extremely important fight. Breaking this unconstitutional obstruction and ending this "tyranny of the minority" is critical for the long-term good of our country (unless you LIKE judicial decisions saying the "Pledge of Allegiance" is unconstitutional in public schools).

    And you all are gonna have a front-row e-seat at it!

    While there are a LOT of other organizations and individuals who have been around in this town a LOT longer than we have, Citizen Outreach will be runnin' the e-show at ground zero because you all took such an active role in letting our leaders know how angry and frustrated we were with what the minority was getting away with...especially after we lost Miguel Estrada.

    You spoke. They heard.

    Anyway, there's a TON of stuff for me to do getting this whole thing ready and organized (not to mention resting up a bit before embarking on this 30-hour marathon all-nighter), so please pardon me if I don't put out a regular version of News & Views for the next couple of days.

    Also, I could sure use a little emergency financial help for this project. The government and the Senate cannot, and are not, contributing ONE PENNY to this effort to bring the Justice for Judges marathon to the Internet community. It's not that they don't WANT to; the law simply won't let them.

    So we have some expenses for this and several other projects we'd love to undertake... IF we had the money. So if you can make an extra-special super-duper contribution to this "Justice for Judges" project, it would be tremendously helpful.

    $100, $50, $25, $10 or whatever you can kick in will be used, as always, in the most effective, responsible and productive manner possible. And by popular demand, we can now accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover through our new account with PayPal. Just go to:


    (You may need to copy & paste that long URL into your web browser if it's not click-able.)

    Or if you prefer to mail a check or a money order or a suitcase filled with cash, send it to:

    Citizen Outreach, ATTN: ConservativeAlerts
    611 E. Pennsylvania Ave., SE, #439
    Washington, DC 20003

    Danke shoen and buckle up. The Democrats are howling mad and there ought to be a lot of fireworks starting Wednesday night... if not sooner!

    Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach
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