Just A Few Interesting Jarheads

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    Reply Just A Few Interesting Jarheads
    Famous Marines

    Colonel John Herschel Glenn, Jr. (b.1921)
    U.S. Senator(D) from Ohio for four terms starting in 1974; He became the
    oldest person to travel into space in 1998. (see also Noteworthy Marines)

    Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Robb
    U.S. Senator(D) from Virginia, In 1991, he was the sole member of the
    Democratic leadership to actively support a Resolution giving President Bush
    authority to wage Operation Desert Storm. Served 34 years of active and
    reserve time in the Corps before retiring in 1991. Awarded Bronze Star with
    Combat V and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star.

    Colonel Ed McMahon
    Marine fighter pilot in World War II and Korea (85 combat missions). Test
    pilot for the Corsair. Co-hosted The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson for 30
    years from 1962 to 1992, then hosted Star Search for 12 years where he
    "discovered" budding artists such as Rosie, Sinbad, Drew Carey, Dennis
    Miller, Le Ann Rimes, Lara Flyn Boyle, Jenny Jones and others. American
    Family Publishers Sweepstakes spokesperson. He has appeared in numerous
    other commercials, television shows, Broadway productions and movies. One of
    the most recognized people in America and possibly the world.

    Staff Sergeant Dale Bumpers
    24 years as U.S. Senator(D) from Arkansas, 2 terms as Arkansas Governor

    Corporal Conrad Burns
    U.S. Senator(R) from Montana

    Lieutenant John H. Chaffee
    U.S. Senator(R) from Rhode Island

    Captain Pat Roberts
    U.S. Senator(R) from Kansas

    Captain Craig Thomas
    U.S. Senator(R) from Wyoming

    Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North
    became well-known during the Iran-Contra hearings, but has since made a name
    for himself as a radio talk show host

    Corporal Gene Hackman (b.1931)
    served six years from 1946-1952 in China, Japan and Hawaii; 2-time
    Oscar-winning actor for his roles in The French Connection and Unforgiven.
    He has appeared in more than 70 films including Superman IV, Hoosiers, and
    Crimson Tide.

    John Warner (USMCR)
    U.S. Senator(R) from Virginia

    F. Lee Bailey (b.1933)
    Marine pilot; well-known lawyer

    Pete Wilson
    Governor of California

    David N. Dinkins (b.1927)
    First African-American Mayor of New York City (1990-1993)

    Dan Rather (b.1931)
    60 Minutes (1975-1981); CBS Evening News (1981-Present)

    Bernard Shaw
    CNN Evening News

    Donald Regan
    Youngest President of Merrill Lynch

    Frederick W. Smith
    Founder and CEO of Federal Express

    George Pratt Schultz (b.1920)
    Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1949; taught at the
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1946-57) and the Univ. of Chicago
    (1957-6 . Under President Nixon, he served as Secretary of Labor (1969-70),
    Director of the Office of Management and Budget (1970-72), and Secretary of
    the Treasury (1972-74); Secretary of State from 1982-1989

    Lieutenant James Addison Baker III (b.1930)
    Born in Houston, TX; served 1952-1954; expert marksman and member of the
    Camp Lejeune rifle and pistol team; appointed Undersecretary of Commerce in
    1975; campaign manager for Gerald Ford in his unsuccessful bid for
    reelection in 1976 and for George Bush in his unsuccessful bid for the
    Republican presidential nomination in 1980 and his successful election in
    1988; Under Ronald Reagan, Baker served first as chief of staff and then as
    Secretary of the Treasury; Secretary of State from 1989-1992

    Rod Carew (b.1945)
    Baseball Hall of Famer; led AL in batting 7 times (1969,72-75,77-7 with
    Minnesota; MVP in 1977; had 3,053 career hits.

    Theodore (Ted) Samuel Williams (b.191
    Marine pilot served (1943-45) in World War II and again (1952-53) in the
    Korean War; Baseball Hall of Famer; lifetime batting average of .344 and hit
    a total of 521 home runs

    Roberto Walker Clemente (1934-1972)
    Baseball Hall of Famer; lifetime batting average of .317 and hit 240 home
    runs. He died in an airplane crash while attempting to take food and
    medicine to earthquake victims in Nicaragua in Dec., 1972.

    Keith Jackson
    the "Voice of the NCAA" (College Football Announcer)

    Ken Norton
    former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Three-time All-Marine Boxing Champion

    Leon Spinks (b.1953)
    won heavyweight crown in split decision over Muhammad Ali in Feb.1978; won
    gold medal in light heavyweight division at 1976 Olympics

    Harvey Keitel
    served in Lebanon; He first appeared in a movie in 1968 and has since been
    in more than 70 films. His movie credits include, Mean Streets, Taxi Driver,
    The Last Temptation of Christ, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction. He has also
    produced or co-produced a few films and appeared on TV.

    Montel Williams
    Emmy award-winning talk show host (see also our Noteworthy Marines page)

    George Campbell Scott (1927-1999)
    served for four years starting in 1945; actor, best known for his
    Oscar-winning portrayal of Gen. George S. Patton in the film Patton. He won
    an Emmy Award for his part in 12 Angry Men, a remake of the film for
    Showtime. The actor refused to accept his 1971 Oscar, calling the ceremony a
    "meat parade" and condemning the Oscars in general as "offensive, barbarous,
    and innately corrupt". He refused to attend or even watch the ceremony. He
    also turned down an Emmy for his performance in Arthur Miller's The Price.
    Scott, who also received Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor
    in 1962 for his role in Robert Rossen's The Hustler and for Best Actor in
    1972 for Arthur Hiller's The Hospital. He died of an anuerysm.

    Tyrone Power (1914-195
    Film and stage actor known for his roles as a romantic swashbuckler. His
    films include Mark of Zorro (1940), The Razor's Edge (1946), Nightmare Alley
    (1947), The Sun Also Rises (1957), and Witness for the Prosecution (1957).

    Terrence Steven "Steve" McQueen (1930-1980)
    enlisted and served as a mechanic/tank driver for three years. Television
    and film actor known for his roles as a cool loner; In 1955 he and Martin
    Landau were the only two people chosen out of a group of 2000 that
    auditioned to get into Lee Strasberg's Actor's Studio, a prestigious
    training center whose graduates include Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Marlon
    Brando and Marilyn Monroe. He appeared in the television series Wanted -
    Dead or Alive (1958-61). His many film credits include The Magnificent Seven
    (1960), The Thomas Crown Affair (196 Bullitt (196 and Papillon (1973).
    For a time he was the highest paid actor in the world, making $5 million per
    film. He died of cancer in Juarez, Mexico three days before the Marine Corps
    birthday in 1980.

    Glenn Ford (b.1916)
    A Broadway stage actor, he entered films in 1939 and starred opposite Rita
    Hayworth in Gilda (1946). He was in many other films including Battle of the
    Midway (1976). He won a Golden Globe for his performance in A Pocketful of
    Miracles (1962), and appeared in several telefilms throughout the '70s,
    including Evening in Byzantium (197 and The Sacketts (1979).

    Drew Carey (b.195
    served in the USMCR from 1981-1986; actor and comedian appearing on many
    shows; He has his own show, The Drew Carey Show (1995-Present) and hosts
    Who's Line is it Anyway?.

    Andre Dubus (1936-1999)
    served six years in the Corps; short-story writer and novelist with works
    such as The Lieutenant (1967) and Andromache (1977), which is considered to
    be his best of many stories about the Corps.

    David Douglas Duncan (b.1916)
    served during WWII photographing Marine Corps aviation in the Pacific; he
    became a staff photographer for Life magazine in 1946 and covered the Korean
    War in 1950; his photos are featured in the book This is War (1951).

    I. Michael Heyman (b.1930)
    served as a Marine Corps officer during the Korean War; former editor of the
    Yale Law Journal; former chief law clerk for Chief Justice Earl Warren;
    former chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley; inducted as
    the CEO of The Smithsonian Institution in 1994.

    Robert Lutz
    former Marine fighter pilot; as vice-chairman and president of Chrysler he
    is largely credited with their revitalization during the company's second
    turnaround in the 1990's; he retired from Chrysler in 1998 to take over

    Jefferey P. Papows
    former Marine officer; earned a Ph.D; CEO and President of Lotus Development
    Corporation until February 2000; authored the book Enterprise.com; he has
    also been a keynote speaker at COMDEX

    Captain Dale Dye (b. 8 Oct 1944)
    this mustang officer served his enlisted time as a combat correspondent in
    Vietnam in 1965 and 1967-1970. He earned numerous decorations including 3
    Purple Hearts. He rose to the rank of Master Sergeant during his 13 years as
    an enlisted Marine before going to OCS and being commissioned as a Captain.
    He retired in 1984. He has been the military technical advisor on numerous
    movies including Starship Troopers, Platoon, JFK, Forrest Gump and Born on
    the Fourth of July.

    Charles (Chuck) R. Swindoll (b.1934)
    President of Dallas Theological Seminary and chairman of Insight for Living,
    his radio Bible teaching ministry. It airs on more than 1900 radio stations
    worldwide in thirteen languages. www.insight.org

    Mills Lane
    served three years in the Marine Corps from 1956-1959 as an infantry rifle
    instructor and earned the Welterweight Boxing Championship while stationed
    on Okinawa. NCAA Welterweight Champion in 1960. He became a boxing referee
    in 1964 and became most well-known for his decision against Mike Tyson
    during the Holyfield fight when Tyson bit Holyfield's ear. He graduated law
    school in 1970; became a trial prosecutor in 1971; worked as chief deputy
    sheriff and special prosecutor from 1979-1982; District Attorney from
    1982-1990; District Judge from 1990-1998. Since 1998 he has appeared in his
    own courtroom television series, Judge Mills Lane.

    Robert Bork
    served 1945-1946, then was called back during the Korean War; earned his law
    degree and practiced law in the Chicago area until the 1960's; taught
    constitutional law at Yale Law School as the Alexander M. Bickel Professor
    of Public Law - two of his students were Bill and Hillary Clinton; during
    the Nixon presidency he served as Solicitor General and Acting Attorney
    General; President Reagan appointed his Circuit Judge of the U.S. Court of
    Appeals for the District of Columbia (D.C.) in 1981; author of The Antitrust
    Paradox (197 and The Tempting of America: The Political Seduction of the
    Law (1990)

    Jesse Brown
    served 1963-1966; his right arm was partially paralyzed by sniper fire in
    Vietnam 1965; served on the staff of the Disabled American Veterans for 26
    years; President Clinton appointed him United States Secretary of Veterans
    Affairs in 1993

    Lietenant Colonel Robin Higgins
    her final assignments during her 20 years of service were the chief
    spokesman for the Commandant and head of the Public Affairs Division's media
    branch. She became an internationally-known speaker and author after the
    capture of her husband, Colonel William R. Higgins, by Lebanese terrorists
    in 1988. He was later murdered by the terrorists in 1990. A destroyer, the
    USS Higgins (DDG76), is named after him. She served as Executive Director of
    Florida's Department of Veteran's Affairs and was appointed by President
    George W. Bush to serve as the Under Secretary of the Department of
    Veteran's Affairs for Memorial Affairs. She was unanimously confirmed by the
    Senate in March 2001.

    Captain Arthur Sulzberger
    served as a Corporal in World War II and as a Lieutenant in Korea. Publisher
    of the New York Times for 26 years.

    Donald James Yarmy "Don Adams" (b.1926)
    after enlisting, he was shot on Guadalcanal in World War II and was
    med-evac'd to New Zealand in 1943 suffering from blackwater fever, which was
    fatal in 90% of all cases. Don says that God answered his prayers and saved
    his life. He was the voice of Tennesse Tuxedo and Inspector Gadget in the
    cartoons, but he is most well-known for his role as bumbling Maxwell Smart,
    Agent 86, in the TV spy-showGet Smart! He won three Emmy Awards for that
    role. which was an Emmy record until Kelsey Grammer beat it in the 1990's.
    He also won a Clio award for a commercial that he directed in 1971. He is
    currently performing as the voice of Principal Hickey on ABC/Disney's

    Bob Keeshan (b.1927)
    served during World War II. He played Clarabell the Clown on the Howdy Doody
    show for six years, but is best known as Captain Kangaroo, a role that he
    played for 50 years. His career as the Captain spanned nine U.S.
    presidencies and his show had over 200 million viewers. His numerous awards
    include Ohio State Broadcaster of the Year, a Golden Globe, 2 Peabodies, 6
    Emmy awards, and in 1982 he was awarded the National Education Association's
    Award for the Advancement of Learning through Television. In 1987, he
    co-founded Corporate Family Solutions, a developmental child-care for
    corporate employees. (Won the Navy Cross as a Sergeant on IWO JIMA).

    Bernice Frankel "Bea Arthur" (b.1923)
    served during World War II. Best known for her roles in Maude, All in the
    Family, and The Golden Girls.

    Brian Dennehy
    served five years in the Corps. Contrary to some stories, he did not see
    combat and was not wounded. He has starred in over 40 feature films and
    numerous TV movies. He has also become a writer, producer, and director.

    James Lee Barrett
    screenwriter for a large number of films, including The D.I. (1957), The
    Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), Shenandoah (1965), The Green Berets (196 ,
    and Smokey and the Bandit (1977). He wrote the screenplays for several TV
    movies including Stagecoach (1986) and Warden of Red Rock (2001). He also is
    a producer. One of his productions was Streets of Laredo, a TV mini-series.

    Gunnery Sergeant Ronald Lee Ermey (b. 24 Mar 1944)
    served 11 years in the Corps including 1.5 tours in Vietnam. He was
    medically retired from injuries received. He has since appeared in nearly 40
    movies including Apocalypse Now, The Boys in Company C, Mississippi Burning,
    and Full Metal Jacket. He has also done voiceovers for movies and television
    including Toy Story, Toy Story 2, The Simpsons, and Toy Soldiers. He was
    nominated for a Golden Globe and the Boston Society of Film Critics gave him
    the award for "Best Supporting Actor" for his role as the D.I. in Full Metal

    Corporal Gustav Hasford (28 Nov 1947 - 29 Jan 1993)
    served as a Marine combat correspondent with the 1st Marine Division in
    Vietnam from 1966-1968. While still in Vietnam he began writing about the
    experiences he had. The finished novel was finally published in 1979 as The
    Short-Timers. This book became the basis for the movie, Full Metal Jacket
    (1987). He also wrote the screenplay for the movie with Stanley Kubrick and
    Michael Hess. This resulted in an Academy Award nomination. This book has
    been highly acclaimed by the critics, with one of them even calling it, "The
    best work of fiction about the Vietnam war." He died of complications from


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    Re: Just A Few Interesting Jarheads
    That was very cool!!!!

    Although I was shocked about....

    Harvey Keitel makes sense when you think about it

    David Dinkins can't picture it - at all!

    Ed McMahon I can kind of picture it (LOL)

    WOW!! Never knew they were Marines.... and when I heard that Drew Carey was... back in September, I almost fell out of my chair! (LOL)

    Always Faithful

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    Re: Just A Few Interesting Jarheads
    What about Lee Marvin? I heard he also won the 'Cross' on Iwo Jimo> Any truth in that? Knew about Denneheys false record. But Don Adams & Drew Carey? Quite a surprise!


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    Re: Just A Few Interesting Jarheads
    I think JW posted the story about Lee Marvin awhile back.

    Interesting info Six!
    TFF VMBB Email Tac

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    Reply Re: Just A Few Interesting Jarheads
    Sometime I'll share my stories with you about Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Robb. I carried a radio in his command group a few times. What a dickhead.. I can't imagine what he might have done to desreve the bronze star.

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    Reply Re: Just A Few Interesting Jarheads
    Rick----maybe it was 'cuz his Dad-in-Law was LBJ---I did do the story about Lee Marvin by the way---in an interview with Johnny Carson he claimed to have been on Iwo I think it was--if you pull info on him down on google, it doesn't show in the official records---who knows what possesses folks to wanna be wanna-bes---go to one of the karioka sings sometime and see how many guys want to be Elvis or gals who want to be Patsy Cline. Like old Pop-Eye the Sailor used of shout "I IS WHO I IS"!!! Wilborn

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    Re: Just A Few Interesting Jarheads
    SixTGunr -

    Did you catch the new series with R. Lee Ermey on the History channel this past Monday?

    He hosts a program called "Mail Call" that is to air at 2000 hrs every Monday.

    It is a "write in" format where he answers questions sent in.

    From what I got a chance to see, it was pretty informative and the answers to the questions asked were factual, not "Hollywood hype".

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    Reply Re: Just A Few Interesting Jarheads
    Mr. Ruffitt---di you get the John's Angel for your nephew---hope everything was alright. Wilborn

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    Re: Just A Few Interesting Jarheads
    R. Lee's new show was great, no bullshirt, just good solid intel.
    Plus it has R. Lee Ermey.


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