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    This is just a snip of the whole opinion piece. Read the whole article here:

    Ted Lang

    Do not allow yourself to be distracted by radio and TV show know-it-alls who put you down for using the term “communism;” and don’t let Democrats shut you up by calling you a “McCarthyist.” Don’t subscribe to the simpleton concept that Republicans are good and Democrats are bad, or vice versa. ALL politicians are bad! Subscribe to that theory because it is exactly the same theory your government and your elected representatives apply to you: all law-abiding American citizens are potential criminals, and shall remain so until they prove irrevocably their innocence. That’s why politicians are afraid of law-abiding citizens with guns. Use this same guilty-until-proven innocent un-American logic reversal on politicians and “government officials.”

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    A Must Read

    An excellent post, Pops.

    I think that the full aritcle is a MUST READ for anyone that has any sense of what the Founding Fathers envisioned for our great country.

    This article offers some wise counsel on just what can be done by we who frequently feel helpless about effecting real change.

    Although it's a long one, everyone on TFF should take the time to read and absorb it's very important content.
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    Thanks Pop's...

    and I agree with Marlin, not only read the article but educate ourselves.

    Only those that has gone against "Goliath" and won, truly understands. We the People, need to protect ourselves and our communities.

    Not with crazed ideas of violence and mass movements, but with help, understanding and action!
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    Aug 22, 2002
    I read the article, and I must say I agree. I just wish more people would adopt this mentality.