Just got my delivery from Century....

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    Last week I ordered a VZ-24 in good condition and an Italian M91 TS. The VZ-24 is in very good condition, the bore is shiny and the wood is quite clean. I'm sure it'll clean up into a nice looking rifle. The M91 TS (Truppi Speciale) is going to require some serious TLC! The M91 has a nice shiny bore but the wood is pretty rough. The VZ-24 appears to have been arsenal refinished at one time or another as the crest on the receiver ring has been removed. Does any one know where these VZs came from? What is the reason that the crests have been removed? This rifle looks like it'll make a nice shooter.
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    I have often wondered why different arsenals will grind off markings. I can see the former Nazi stuff being removed subsequent to WWII, but why would other makers marks or crests be removed? No telling what is in the minds of Third World armorers.

    From what I have been able to piece together on the CZ24s, the ones with the crests ground off are coming through in better condition - they have been more extensively arsenal refinished. You pay more for the original crest types, but they seem to be in worse shape.
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