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    1. Mumbai. This trip that will cost 200 million a day and ship 3000 people to India, is nothing more than obummer showing off. This was actually going to be a victory party after the elections. Kinda puts a damper on the whole thing don’t it? But heck when you don’t have to pay for it what does it matter. Pop those Champaign corks. Live it up ********!

    2. Socialist use people and then cut them off or kill them. Pick up a history book if you don’t believe me. This has shown true here on Nov 2. The demos should wake up at some point to realize they were duked. This is straight out the socialist for dummies handbook 101, and they couldn’t see it. I guess those dems will have to get a real job now.

    3. Harry Reid has got to be the dumbest person on the planet. After seeing how his leader abandoned his fellow senators he still insists on fighting this losing battle. In fact he is more determined than ever. What a moron! Harry doesn’t see that obummer was willing to lose him too. Harry just doesn’t get it. He will never be one of them. But in his mind he is.

    4. Nancy Pelosi. She walked the plank. Now what Nancy? Is that obummer guy going to take care of you? Oh yea you bet he will, but don’t hold your breath you crazy loon, you got duked too, you were rode hard and put up wet.
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