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    It is long but informative. I recommend you all watch it.


    Just a few thoughts. These dust ups these Marines had with the Taliban are not how the Marines are trained to fight battles. It didn't work in Vietnam, it's not working in Afghanistan. It only drains the life out of a fighting force, slowly but surely, and creates more enemies.

    I really don't see a whole lot of difference between the Taliban and the Viet Cong. I thought we had learned our lesson forty years ago. The only way to fight a war is total war; to hell with collateral damage and to hell with rebuilding the enemy country.

    In the first place, we should only be fighting a war when it's necessary for the safety and security of our own people or of our true allies. Let the rest of the world police itself and deal with their own failures. For us to go into these countries trying to build nations that reflect our own values, is as absurd as going into a zoo to teach chimpanzees nuclear physics.

    Our own national security would be better served by expelling all Muslims who are not citizens, and for the U.S.A. (and our allies) to deny them all visas in the future. Some people seem to feel that justice and fair play requires us to not discriminate against other nationalities in the issuance of visas, without hard evidence that specific individuals are a threat. They are wrong. Visiting this nation, or any nation is a privilege, not a right. Just my opinion.
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    Mission impossible, with those tactics.

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