Kel-Tec Sub 2000

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    I'm looking for dealers/outlets that sell the 2000. I haven't had much luck finding dealers on the net. I also posted on the Buy/Sell board, but wanted to put it up here, also. It retails $383 on Kel-Tec's website and I'd like to get one bought for about $300.

    I read a review on this carbine in the Gun Tests magazine. It's a 9mm that they tested against a Leinad CM11. The Kel-Tec got great reviews. It breaks down right in front of the trigger guard and folds to a little over 16"x7". Sounds like a great backpack gun.

    Any help is much appreciated

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    Re: Kel-Tec Sub Rifle 2000
    Our auction for that gun is on *************, item #7136234.

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    If you get outbid for Doc's, here are some other options:

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    I have been fairly critical of the little guns from Kel Tec (P32) in the forums, but I have to say that the Sub Rifle is a different story. I have now read 3 reviews in different magazines and they all have praised the unique little rifle. I have a 9mm that I carry for backup and it would be nice to add this rifle in the car as well. It will even use the same magazines I currently have!

    It would be interesting to offer this rifle in .45ACP. I wonder how it would perform with the higher power .45ACP +p ammo?
    If they could make use Kimber mags in .45acp, maybe the Law Enforcement market would pick-up on it? Especially some of the smaller departments.


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    I appreciate the help, folks.

    My next gun was gonna be a 9mm pistol until I read the Kel-Tec review in Gun Tests.

    Does a guy ever get all the guns he wants?

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    I've got a P-11 in 9mm - nice little gun. Even equipped with a laser sight.
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