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  1. TTUshooter

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    Jun 18, 2006
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    Allrighty guys. I want you thoughts on these. I've been doing alot of research recently on Kel Tec's. I'm thinking of buying one for either a BUG/deep conceal carry. The reason I am looking at kel tec's is because from what i've read they seem to be ideal for it. I also like the fact that you can get the belt clip to put on the gun. I very often wear Doc Martin work boots, both in and out of the office and have sometimes carried a boot knife if out on my friends land and found carrying the knife in my boot rather comfortable. I kind of figure carrying a small pistol like the kel tec might be somewhat comparable. I think i'd like one of the 9mm's although i think the p-11 is probably too big for what i'm looking to do. I have yet to really put my hands on the P3at Pf-9 or P32 but hope to do this weekend at the local gun show in mesquite. For any of you who own these guns? Do you enjoy them, would you reccomend them? Do i seem offbase with the idea of carrying in my boot? your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated.
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    The P3AT carries easily in your pants pocket along with an extra magazine, and no noticeable print. There's no need for boot carry even if it is feasible. I use an Uncle Mike's pocket holster for the P3AT and it masks the marginal print well. The P3AT needs a couple hundred rounds through it to cycle well, but after that it's a concealed carry machine...

    The PF9 is no pocket carry gun. It's a bit thinner than the P11, but the height is still too tall for pocket carry on my frame.

    Either the P3AT or P32 is an excellent choice for concealed carry. A couple of buddies ask me how often I carry. I generally respond, 'any time the law allows', and they can't respond the same. The reason?... It's a hassle to holster and conceal their larger pistols... I'm a big KelTec fan...

  3. southernshooter

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    Mar 5, 2006
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    I have one of the P3AT's and I love it. I usually carry it whenever I am not supposed to be carrying
  4. Zebraranger

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    May 30, 2008
    I've had a P32 for a few years that I dont use much anymore, but never had any problems with it when I did use it as a bug.
  5. Bill DeShivs

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    Apr 7, 2006
    A boot or ankle holster is pretty useless. Just get a P3AT or P32 and put it in your pocket.