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I Hollis & Sons was London based company, operating under that name from 1816 to 1860. Without more info, can't narrow it down any more than that. Please post pictures. I don't think it is an Kentucky Long Rifle unless the lock had been repurposed from another gun. Is it a flintlock or percussion? Caliber? Please post pictures. Here is a brief history of that company found on the Internet:

1800-Hollis Firearms was formed by Richard and Leonard Alexander Hollis in about 1800 who were Rhodesian Imigrants.
1814- John and Issac Hollis renamed the company Hollis Brothers & Co Issac was 24 and John 22 building a large assortment of weapons and exporting 1215 "Trade Guns" to the USA and for the continent.
1816- Company name changed to I Holllis & Sons (1816-1860)
Although the best known of the Hollis family he is the one with the vision to expand the company.
1845- Issac Brentnall Sneath becomes a silent partner in the company.
1861- The company name is changed again to Hollis & Sons when Richard and Charles Take Over the company.
(A) I Hollis and Sons Sales office opened in London.
The company is now making 12,000 guns per year.
1880- The company changed to Hollis/ Greener when the Hollis Brothers take over Greener Shotguns selling under both names.
1890- US tarriffs introduced on all imported firearms
1893- Clabrough Firearms sells out to Douglas Johnson to become Claybrough & Johnsonmaking 12,000 guns per year.
1914- Hollis / Greener take over Claybough/Johnson
1915- Hollis/Greener take over Bently /Playfair and open up market on the US West Coast.Offices in San Fransisco,New York,Philadelphia,Chicago.
1945- The company Hollis/Bentley/Playfair is broken up and disolved.
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