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Good morning. Well, last night I attempted; along with a friend who has a steadier hand than I do, to dis-assemble the bolt on my Kimber of Oregon 82a. It must be an early gun because it has no bolt stop and the threads on the bolt cocking stud were right-handed. So, my friend got it torn down using the info supplied here with relative ease and it was spotless inside after all these years. I bought it new in '85. All along I have been occasionally spraying the assembled bolt with CLP spray and not greasing the lugs or cocking stud at all. Now I know better.
One last thing; do any of you folks know where I could buy some spare parts? Like:
• bolt cocking stud (right handed).
• extractor springs.
• firing pin spring.
• firing pin?
Thanks, again...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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