>Knock Knock< anyone have anything cool in .45-land?

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Reply >knock, knock< anyone have anything cool in .45-Land?
    (I don't right now)

    Entertain Me!

    Cool stories, interesting pieces or accessories? Blazing action footage? (!-I have a tape of myself in an IPSC match, have to go see about getting it converted...)


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    Reply Re: >knock, knock< anyone have anything cool in .45-La
    You might check my thread in the hunting forum "Fishin fer Hogs" Ifin ya still like me......hehehehe

    California dreamin.....

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    Reply Re: >knock, knock< anyone have anything cool in .45-La
    Well I don't think anyone will go for cool on the move I did,
    but I have a ser 80 Colt in Colts idea of stainless polish.I've
    had this ole boy for a while and over the yrs it's got scratched
    and mucked up a bit.So before anyone could talk me out of it
    I tore it down and had the frame bead-blasted on the flats,
    inside the trigger guard,outside the trigger guard,down the
    front strap.The whole thing except at the slide rail area and
    inside the frame.Yes all the writing and numbers are very
    visible.It has come out a pewter gray.I think it looks good.I have the slide,grip safety,slidestop,thumb safety,trigger,mag
    release and hammer over at the place that does the chrome
    on my scoot for re-polish of these parts except one that is
    being dipped.Of course the top of the slide will still be Colt flat
    finish to stop glare.Now I know there are folks here that will
    want to stone me for such desecration.I did draw it up on the
    computer and added the colors as to how it would look before
    I did it.I like it.I'd better,its too late now.Am I still welcomed
    here at this site for maybe abusing my pony ? bg

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    Re: >knock, knock< anyone have anything cool in .45-La
    Of course you are welcome bg!

    In my opinion there are guns we collect and guns
    we use to protect ourselves and to enjoy shooting,
    such as the case with the Colt Double Eagle Compact
    Officers I've carried for the past several years, when
    I got the pistol I noticed right away that the only thing
    that needed correcting in order for me to feel comfortable
    enough and have full confidence in this pistol for work and
    carry was the extremely sharp edges on the frame and
    slide needed to be removed, it was very hard on the hand
    for me to shoot and hold a firm grip on as the edges would
    feel like they were cutting into my hands, another problem
    was the very sharp edges on the slide, the muzzle end and
    the ejection port area, these edges would cut into my
    holster going in and comming out and shave the leather
    which would cause a build up(clog)of leather shavings
    and particles in any gaps or open areas between the slide
    and frame thus leaving a potential window open for a
    possible jam.

    At around that time I was reading an article about the
    Springfield 1911 that had just been awarded the FBI
    HRT/SWAT contract, in the article it gave the specs
    that the FBI wanted on the pistol and the details. Some
    of these details I incorporated into my Colt DE, starting
    with removing all sharp edges, switching to Wilson Combat
    8-rd mags, switching all of my Colt mag springs & followers
    over to Wilson Combat springs & followers(cost around $8.00
    each), polishing the feed ramp and placing a pierce finger
    groove on the front grip strap(my idea). This has given me
    my ultimate favorite carry pistol and has never had a single
    failure since the switch and I have fired many rounds down
    the pipe in normal and adverse conditions.

    So I have no ill feelings on improving and or making something
    better for ones self and I like very much the end result and
    look that my pistol came out with.

    Of course, I do have other firearms that I wouldn't do
    anything to, like my Colt MKIV Ser.70 or my Ithaca M1911-A1
    or any of my C&R's etc., but a recent model I have no
    problem improving on to my liking and or needs.
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    Reply Re: >knock, knock< anyone have anything cool in .45-La
    Well got all the parts back for this idea I had regarding the
    refinish on my Colt.Sorta stuck the parts together to kind of
    get a better idea what it will look like.I guess ok.I bet every
    hoogy-bear pimp and mickey mouse player will want one
    just like it.Oh boy.Well I did it and I'm gonna finish it.I do admit
    that my local plater did a fine job on the polish and chrome.
    Now all I 'll have to do is put it together and find some plat
    form shoes and a big shaggy pimp hat when I go to the range.
    I don't know how many times I've told folks,when they want
    to change something to apply the K.I.S.S. program,Keep it
    simple stupid.I best follow me own advise.Live & learn,I reckon.bg {Anybody see a 74 El Dorado in lime green and fat
    whitewalls ? I parked it somewheres...}

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    Reply Is this cool enuff ?
    I have a GI Colt 1911 circa 1916 that was built into a 1950's style target pistol. It has a post war Colt commercial slide with high fixed sights, national match barrel & bushing and a short DCM aluminum trigger. Looks like the builder built it to the NRA Gunsmithing Guide specs. Everything was hand fitted and it's still as tight as the day it was made.
    Price was less than the cost of most of the GI 1911A1 clones currently on the market.