Know what tomorrow is???

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  1. The Duke

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    Mar 11, 2006
    NW Louisiana
    And the answer: DAY of RAGE!!! So now lets see what happens..

    Captain Shazam Shabozo is making waves like he gonna burn down the world and establish a Black Panther world government in down town Harlem...Kill all the whities and take from them what is due.....etc..

    Wonder what the Obambo's old buds in the Weathermen, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn and Kathy Boudain have cooked up in celebration???? Remember Unka Bill encouraging his idiot juvenile followers to go home and kill their parents??? Maybe ole Bernadette Dohrn will get together with some minister Farrakhans muslim brotherhood and share ideas on bomb making...Dont you believe for a second that Farrakhans attacks on Obambo are for real...simply done to make him look more Christian American...Aient Working!!

    Im sure they will have a short prayer before they get kicked off by Obambos Chicago 'not particularly controversial."church minister, Da Rev."God Damn America" Wright...especially if it gurantees him a little face time with the networks..

    Maybe CAAR and some of the jihadist muslims plan on riding their camels into a Wall Street saloon and shoot the place up...Maybe make an 'ash' out of ta few of themselves to prove a point. :confused:

    Maybe even the Day of Ragers will get joined by thousands of disgruntled Marxist, Socialist, and other America haters that will take time out to join them against the Evil Empire of America?? I doubt it seriously...More than likely just a bunch of street bums and inner city project entitlement dwellers along for the ride.

    I gurantee that 90% of any who show up to act stupid could care less about a 'political cause'...Its gonna happen because some ACORN funded rabble rousers show up at the "projects' offering a free party in NYC, free bus ride with all the free beer, wine they want to drink, and all the free pizza they can eat, all the cigaretts they can smoke, the chance to act stupid, especially with a network news camera around, free looting, pillaging, burning and free bond if you happen to get get paid $50 a day.!!!!!!!!..You damn better well bet they can attract some "followers". The buses leave at 9:00AM.

    If things do get out of hand, lets pray that the NYPD doesnt have the same orders the London Bobbies had..."stand around and watch'.

    In my humble opinion, we better get used to this kinda crap from now until the next election...Obambos friends owe him for his loyalty to their causes and plan to raise all kinda hell on his behalf...

    WHY NOW, you ask?... Cuz it takes the focus off the abismal economy, near double didgit unemployment, Obambo corruption, lies, and digraces to the American people....These things and many other "Progressive" idiot ideas are going to torpedo the Dimocrats out of the water and they know it..So stir something up to distract as many as they can from what is really happening to our country...

    Watch and see.. .:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    And the talking heads will somberly report that we must have Obambo's Change NOW and time has come for him to take a strong leadership role and bypass congress to save us from all the anarchy caused by George Bush and the Republican Party...

    Tomorrow is only the beginning...
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  2. 45nut

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    Jul 19, 2006
    Dallas, TX
    Actually, tomorrow is Constitution Day. take the quiz here

    F the day of rage and all the racist haters. :mad: :mad: :mad::D

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