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Krag Pergernsen parts gun

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This is one of the three freebies a friend gave me last month for "disposal" or what ever was their fate. It has a lot of surface rust and the stock is a disaster. When I took the barrel and receiver out of the stock I found the stock was broken in two so did a Gorilla Glue job ( I surely didn't hurt it's value:D) . I don't know what the stock was like originally but it appears to have been cut down and worked over with a wood rasp:eek:. A lot of the rust could be removed with oil and wool but the damage at the muzzle is the worst. The receiver and it's internals are in pretty good condition. I am thinking I will just haul it to the gun show one of these days and see if it could be used by someone as a source of parts.

I don't know what model it is/was or it's country of origin. The barrel is 24" long which is two inches longer than the Carbine models that were made in US models. The NRA carbines were also cut to 22". I did see a Denmark Carbine listed with a 24" barrel and a Norway Short Rifle with a 24" barrel.

Just curious as to what it is, where it may have come from, and any ideas as to what I should do with it (be kind). I have no intention of investing any money in it and just hope it can find it's way to someone that could use it or a part from it. Krag Jergesen/DSCF0005_zpsf8fbe99a.jpg.html Krag Jergesen/DSCF0006_zps056d3402.jpg.html Krag Jergesen/DSCF0005_zps9428b331.jpg.html Krag Jergesen/DSCF0004_zps90d66532.jpg.html Krag Jergesen/DSCF0003_zps2e149d36.jpg.html Krag Jergesen/DSCF0002_zps9f7485cb.jpg.html Krag Jergesen/DSCF0001_zps4b889bc4.jpg.html
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Yumping Yimminey, It's what left of a Norwegian, I have no idea where you would find the various missing parts, but it looks like it might be worth the search....;)
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