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    Recently bought a fn fal rifle over the auctions...mine is stamped "L1A1 sporter...CAI - St. Alb Vt." I'm thinking of putting a scope on it, maybe using either a Tapco or DSA mount (replace the dust cover - easy).

    In looking through the parts/accessories websites, I see numerous references to "metric" or "inch" versions of the rifle. I'm a little confused. Can anyone explain the difference? How do you identify which one you have? Some parts fit both versions, I guess (which ones?). Looking to put a lot of cheap ammo through this rifle for fun-target shooting.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: fn fal: inch vs. metric and other questions?
    Your L1A1 is an inch-pattern rifle. There are some differences in the dimensions of some of the parts. Most notably, you should obtain inch-pattern magazines for your rifle. Metric-pattern mags may fit and work, but not reliably so - there is a difference in the locking notch in the mag body. Century has begun making their own inch-pattern L1A1 receivers, but they are still also building IMBEL metric receiver guns. They should all be Type-3 receivers.

    Note also that the inch-pattern dust cover requires more clearance than the metric pattern for proper seating in the receiver. There are also some differences in the way the barrel mounts, and the cocking handle. Also, the bolt holdopen on your rifle can be manually engaged.

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    Thanks for the information, DR!

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    Your kit is a so-called Franken-FAL, cobbled together at Century. You may have Inch and Metric parts mix-mashed together. I have recently seen Australian L1A1 lowers on IMBEL receivers, w/ an IMBEL front end and Century's US parts.

    Identification will require we know part numbers and/or SNs (properly XX'd for privacy) to determine where your rifle came from. Proof marks also help.

    Entreprise makes a proper Inch-type receiver. The Inch-cut IMBEL is a Metric Type 3, and doesn't really emulate the L1A1 at all. Still, if it ain't broke...

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