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seven 62
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(2/16/03 1:42:59 am)
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My mother was widowed on december 4th of last year, and is alone in the house for the first time ever. I would like to put her in a dependable house gun, but I am at a loss for what to buy a 5'10" lady in her 50's. She has big hands and can hold my Blackhawk, but I don't really want her in a .44 or .41 Magnum as she lives in town like me.
Until I find her something "better?", She has my Colt 1903 "Pocket" in .32 ACP and my late father's old Rohm
.22lr derringer over/under in the house.
What should I consider for her?

Many thanks, Everyone.

Shoot well


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(2/16/03 8:45:09 am)
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For a "house gun", I'd recommend a short pump shotgun. If she can handle 12 gauge, fine....if not, even a 20 ga. will do the job.

A shotgun doesn't require as precise an aim, and is far more intimidating than any handgun.....and, when loaded with lighter loads (NOT buckshot) is not as likely to penetrate walls and hurt somebody in another room.

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(2/20/03 8:21:55 am)
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Hi seven 62

First of all, take your Mum to the Range, and let her try several Guns. You´ll see what she can handle, and what is to much.
I don´t think that a Shotgun is first choice!
1. Does the Shot-Charge NOT open wide enough at Room-distances
2. Can in a close quarter struggle the long gun be torn off her more easily than a short one
3. isn´t it fun to shoot a Shotgun indoors without earplugs!

If she is not very used to guns, give her a 4" Revolver. Shorter Barrels make it hard to hit. And if she can´t solve her indoor problem with 6 Rounds... then she´ll not have to worry about a reload!

At short ranges, I would favor a .44 Special, or .45 Colt, if she can handle the recoil.

But the main thing that is MOST important!
Make sure that she gets practice, whatever you buy her!!!

She has to hit, not only spray lead around.



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Most people in a gun store or shooting range talking about guns look down their collective noses at the .410. A major mistake in my book. A pump action loaded with slugs is more powerful than a .44 Magnum (let's look at the numbers...1/2 oz slug or 240 grains at 1800 to 1850 fps versus the .44 Magnum's 1150 to 1300 fps in the same grain weight payload from a 4 or 6 inch barrel). Not just that, but the .410 loses it's energy quicker (for those of you worried about overpenetration). And like most shotguns you can top it off if needed during a lull in the fighting. Oh and let's not forget that a grand jury or prosecutor isn't going to have the same initial reaction to the .410 that they will towards the .44 Magnum.
.410 Pump shotgun !
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