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Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Any comments about this firearm would be apprecisted. I found a NIB at gun show for $200. Seems like a great price. Guns & Ammo treted it last year and gave it glowing remarks, but I know they are not always truthful.


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    A few years ago,I got a Llama .45 in a trade. I shot 50 rounds thru it and traded it the next day. It was the worst .45 pistol I have ever had my hands on. Worse than the Auto Ordnance line. I have never handled the Max 1 but suspect it would be just as bad as the rest of the line. JMHO. Spend more $$ and get something better.

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    Firearms, like so much else in the world are governed by the old adage, "You get what You pay for", Llama makes A usable weapon, it will kill just as dead as A Kimber, but maybe not when You need it to work it's best, like the Man said, spend A little more and get A lot more, used Colt 1991-A1s and Springfields are abundant, and the cost is not that much higher, and at least You have something to build on, with the Llama, what You see-is what You get,
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