Land for Peace?

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    Land for Peace?
    What is the Arab League position on all this? The Saudi peace plan adopted by the Arab League demands not just the usual withdrawal from Palestinian and Syrian territory but also from "remaining occupied Lebanese territories."
    But there are no remaining occupied Lebanese territories. Thus the Arab League, in precisely the same document --- no, the same breath --- in which it ostensibly offers land for peace, endorses a totally fabricated, post-withdrawal Lebanese land claim that even the U.N. rejects. Why? Because it serves as an excuse for continuing the war against Israel.
    Just end the occupation of the West Bank, say the Arabs, and we will guarantee Israel peace. Do you want to see Isreal's future if it caves into that demand? Look at Lebanon, where Israel gave up a defensive occupation and is now looking squarely in the face of Armageddon.
    How do you explain that the consequences of arrogant unilateralism are simply unacceptable?
    Isolationist tendencies usually conclude, "You just can't deal with Those People." Of course you can. Disaster is not inevitable, but it can sure be encouraged by inaction.


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    Reply Land for Peace
    Yessir the Jewish land for the Jewish peace! The arabs aren't interested in having peace they are interested in having dead Jews.,.Check out the CBS news site--The tape of Pearl being murdered is in great demand in saudi arabia,the college age pigs deem it great entertainment,they are just sad they weren't there to help kill him. They are interested in learning to kill..Some peaceful people! I e-mailed saudi on line that if they keep it up we will teach them how to kill.first person..I hope we will let sadam have saudi arabia I would love to see a few of their princes hanging from a crane,,I am sure sadam will be a kind ruler!

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    Reply Re: Land for Peace
    Oh, they'll start screaming for good old Uncle Sam to save their butts the minute Saddam begins bombing the crap out of those Saudies. I say, let him take that area over and rule with his iron hand on the Princes of flab, let him clean house over there. Then we go in and liberate the rest of the turkeys and set up our own bonafide Arab as the new Saudi President.

    The Arabs like to play head games with all their foes. We is one of there foes. Big oil is calling the shots on this caper.


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    Reply Lebanon's claim against Syria
    Lebanon claims that some of the land Israel seized form Syria, and still occupies in the Golan Heights region, belongs to them. So in effect Lebanon has a dispute with Syria, their Arab "friend" who occupies them today.

    I never have understood why the Regan administration kept the Israelis from clearing out the Syrians, P.L.O. and other terrorists in Lebanon in the 1980's.

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    Re: Lebanon's claim against Syria
    This will go on and on unless the Isrealis clean house
    as 17th mentioned should have been done way back

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    Reply Re: Lebanon's claim against Syria
    It’s not going to end until Israel is allowed to clean house, and then I still think they will have Terrorist commuting to Israel just to F*#k with them.

    I am having trouble understanding why The Jews picked Israel in the first place. It’s like saying my Great Grandfather and his people settled in what is now Harlem 200 years ago, (I am a WASP) and now I want to raze my family in that very historically important location. Oh, and I’m going to start bitching because I’m being harassed by my new neighbors.

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    Reply Re: Lebanon's claim against Syria
    I’m just looking at this from a different (and narrow) view. I just can’t see how this problem will ever end. In all seriousness, I agree with Mr. D.