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    The Land of the Submissive and Home of the Wuss By Randall Nunn

    on 06/29/03

    Is the United States still the "land of the free and the home of the
    brave" or have we become such a herd of passive and over-regulated
    subjects of arbitrary and meddlesome government that we should be called
    the "land of the submissive and the home of the wuss"?

    There is a case to be made that we are no longer the free, independent,
    and self-reliant nation that we started as in 1776, but have become a
    whining, dependent, and subservient multitude kept in line by a vast army
    of all-knowing bureaucrats and politically-correct busy-bodies who are
    determined to force us to do what they, in their infinite wisdom, deem to
    be for the good of society. A review of our situation should make all of
    us sit up and take notice and, hopefully, decide to reassert those
    ideals, principles and behaviors that made us unique in the entire world.

    When the anti-smoking campaigns began, many who were not smokers welcomed
    the effort, since it would make everyday life more pleasant, possibly
    decrease the number of people suffering tobacco-related health problems
    and make the world a better place. We didn't stop to analyze whether
    there really were significant health risks caused by second hand smoke or
    consider whether governments that could regulate such conduct might use
    the same rationale to later move against other behaviors that they
    considered unwise or unhealthful. It didn't take long before we found out
    that the anti-smoking crusade was just the beginning. Governments saw the
    tremendous amount of money that was extracted from tobacco companies by
    trial lawyers and juries that ignored individual responsibility and never
    bothered to ask about the smokers, "What did they know and when did they
    know it?" (the so trendy question that the busy-bodies love to ask about
    anyone who is the target of their self-righteous inquisitions). Now we
    see the same governments, trial lawyers and busy-bodies initiating
    anti-obesity campaigns and launching assaults against Oreo cookies. Too
    many of us, rather than voicing outrage at these intrusions and attacks
    on our right to make choices, even "dumb" choices, simply shrug and go
    about our lives, not worried because we are told by liberal opinion
    leaders that our behaviors are destructive. Just because we elected
    someone to office or they are employed by a government bureaucracy or
    have their own talk show, what gives them the right to dictate to the
    rest of us with respect to matters that should be none of government's

    We have seat belt laws that allow the police to pull us over and give us
    a ticket and fine us $200 if we are not wearing a seat belt because some
    know-it-all has decided that seat belts save lives and they are going to
    coerce everyone into abiding by the government's edicts. The government
    in Massachusetts recently took custody of a couple's children who were
    being home-schooled simply because the couple refused to give a
    standardized test and complete the required paperwork. We have hate crime
    laws that punish people more severely if they uttered "hate speech" in
    connection with an otherwise punishable crime. Environmentalists tell us
    how we can use our own property. We have school boards that enforce "zero
    tolerance" policies that result in expulsions for politically incorrect
    statements, drawing pictures of guns or soldiers and other equally
    harmless behavior, yet can't educate our children well enough to write a
    correct sentence or know the most basic information about our country and
    our history. Who gave these people this power? Unfortunately, we did. But
    we can take some of it back if we have the courage to confront the
    mindless government bureaucracy head on.

    All across America and throughout all facets of our society, we have
    become a nation obsessed with "do-gooderism". We gladly surrender our
    rights and freedoms if we are told that "it will save just one life" or
    will improve life "for the children". We don't stop to question this
    nonsense when it turns out that most of the tobacco settlement money was
    spent by governments for things other than health. We don't stop to think
    that with all the massive taxing and spending by governments, our
    children are less well-educated and we are less protected by governments
    against criminals and terrorist threats from other countries. We spend
    more and more of our lives working to pay taxes to the government and
    less time enjoying our lives and our families. We listen to talk show
    hosts and media pundits telling us that we must do good for others and
    "reach out" to whoever dislikes us, our freedoms or our country. What
    nonsense! This country and its people have done more good for the world
    by the act of setting up the freest and fairest system of government on
    the face of the earth and, in the process, giving hope to others that one
    day they could achieve a similar result if they had the same courage and
    determination. These early Americans did this for themselves in their own
    self-interest and desire to be free and not because some twit told them
    that "we are the world" and must do it for all the less fortunate people
    in the world. Go back and read what the founders said about government
    and freedom and you will find that our government today is not an
    accurate representation of what they intended to create. Rather than
    allowing us to be free and independent and masters of our representative
    government, we are put upon daily by an army of goody-two-shoes enforcers
    determined to make us do what they have decided is best for us, our
    environment and global peace, whether we agree with it or not. Rise up,
    Americans! Tell these half-wits that you are mad as hell and you are not
    going to take it anymore! Eat more Oreos than you should, smoke a cigar
    and drive down the street one night without your seat belt fastened. The
    rush it will give you will energize you and maybe give you just the
    slightest hint of what it must have felt like for the pioneers to strike
    out across the plains without health insurance or social security or how
    the brave defenders of the Alamo must have felt breathing second hand
    smoke from Santa Ana's cannon even while thumbing their noses at him. You
    have nothing to lose but your chains, Americans! That spirit of
    independence and longing for true freedom still lies buried deep within
    most of us-let's find it and nurture it so that it can once again burst
    into full bloom and our country can continue on the path to its destiny
    and remain the "shining city on the hill" to the oppressed in the world.
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    Aug 22, 2002
    Amen! Gone are the days of being "master of your own destiny". There are apparently still some Americans who believe in true freedom. We need to wake up those who are sleeping and retake our country.

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