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(1/5/03 1:35:59 pm)
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I have my grandfathers sxs 12 ga. hammer Hunter Arms of Fulton, New York shotgun. It is marked on both sides of the receiver "L.C. Smith", Ser.# 166,318 with an "F" below the number. It has 30' barrels. Can anyone help me with the date of production?

From searching Google I find it may have been made between 1908-1910.

Thanks for any help!

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(1/5/03 4:46:30 pm)
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Hi Silver....I get two conflicting dates....from the same site!

According to ShotgunWorld (, it could have been made in either 1910 or 1938.

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(1/5/03 5:04:04 pm)
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Thanks! I was trying to deside about when Grand Dad got the gun. My brother just gave me three old family guns. Besides the Snith, a single shot 12 ga. marked Volunteer Arms Co. with my Dad's name craved on the stock and a Mossberg semi auto 151M that has a factory peep site. The front site is hooded wirh a choice of three posts. The rifle has a full lenght stock. It has a Boyt 1944 M1 sling and was stored in a B.B. Hanson Mfg. Co. 1944 O.D. case. The Smith was in a R.H. Long 12-18 canvas rifle case.
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