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  1. A friend of mine--actually one of my students as well--casts and sells lead bullets for a living. All those to whom I've spoken about his products recommend his work highly in terms of quality and accuracy. He also offered me a pretty darn good deal on the slugs! :D I plan to purchase both 9mm and .38 Special target slugs from him. I'm in a quandary, however, as to what bullet weights and slug designs would be best for lead target loads in these two calibers. I would welcome your advice. At this point I'm thinking of 125 grain round nose for the 9mm and 158 grain semi-wadcutter slugs for the .38. Since these are entirely for target use, I plan to load them only to moderate pressures using powers such as Unique and Bullseye. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Oneida Steve

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    Sep 28, 2006
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    Those two weights (125 gr for 9mm and 158 gr. for .38) are exactly the ones I would pick. Watch out for leading in the 9mm if you push 'em too fast. I've used both Bullseye and Unique with lead bullets for outdoor shooting. Indoors it gets a bit smokey.

  3. inplanotx

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    Don't know about the 9mm, don't own one. For the .38, I would go with a 148 full wad cutter and I would be using WW231 for it.

  4. I've considered that, IPT, and I may well go with the 148, or perhaps split the order between the 158 SWC and the 148 WC. I do like WC bullets for target work. I use WW231 quite a lot actually, and I will undoubtedly use it for some of the loads. It is a most versitle powder.
  5. nightfighter

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    Feb 28, 2007
    I use 125 grain gas checked cast round nose for all my 9MM shooting. The gas checks stop any leading and velocity is not an issue as with plain base.
    For 38, I have shot a lot of 148 wad-cutters, but am currently using 125 grain R.N. plain base with very light loads to produce the minimum recoil for use in double action speed shooting. Also, round nose bullets are better for speedloaders and rapid reloading because the round nose guides the bullets into the chambers and has no edges to hang-up on. If it were off-hand paper shooting I would still use 148 wad cutters. So, it depends somewhat on the type of shooting you are going to do.
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  6. gdmoody

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    I cast my own bullets for 9mm (125 Gr RN) and the .38 (158 Gr Semi-wadcutter) and I would recommend that those two would be good for you also. I do gas check the 9mm to prevent leading. I have never had any accuracy problems with either one.
  7. mrkirker

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    Jul 13, 2007
    Good rule of thumb to avoid 'leading' is to load charges that will hold fps below 1000. Softer lead alloys will lead even at the 1000 mark. Don’t own a 9mm, but fire hornaday 'full' wadcutters in K-38 using Unique with good results.
  8. USMC-03

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    I almost always default to the heaviest bullet available; 158 grain lead in my S&W M-15 (either a SWC or LHP).
  9. angus6

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    Oct 1, 2008
    I'm always looking for different cast bullet source's , any contact info ? or please pass mine on , angus6-at- warpdriveonline.com
  10. armedandsafe

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    I don't load lead for my 9mm but I do use the HBWC in 148 for the 38/.357. I load them with Red Dot or Bullseye. I've even use the HBWC, loaded hollow to the front for carry. They are very impressive on water jugs. :D

  11. 358 winchester

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    I don't own a 9mm but all my target loads for 38 / 357 is 158 swc with 231 or Unique. they are also good for other things :D ;)
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