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    Apr 22, 2010
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    I'm looking at the target, and saying the hell,, I got holes all over the darn thing not one in the black, what, loaded 3031 at about 2400 fps 170gr.30cal bullet aim point was center bull knew the rifle was a shooter, 30/06 just put 5 rds in close to center bull, what, those new bullets with the gas check on the end of that cast bullet, what, and I got another 400 at the house, what,well I have to think about this ,, when all else fails , start reading,, the attached sheet of paper said test bullet fired from such and such at 1750 fps, what,well loaded up 10 of as they said 30 gr of 3031 and guess what all in the black and one other thing nice soft recoil, so something to think about, for the kids, a nice load , but bottom line read the what come with the product,,I won't say whose bullets they was but if yu live in Kalifornia, it's above us, some where on a trail in Oregon,,am very happy with the product,, , De kc6uxv
    PS,, I guess the bullet got a little hot or and turned to kryptonite, they was some good flyers though
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