Leather Bayonet Scabbard

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    I seem to be putting up a lot of posts, please bare with me. I have an 1853 Enfield bayonet scabbard that is in excellent conditions except that it is missing 2 of the 3 brass pins that hold the brass end on. I want to fix it correctly, which leeds to the questions Where do I get correct brass pins, and How are they attached? Thanks Gentlemen.! Chris

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    Check out how many posts I have, when I get yelled at you'll know when somebody is posting too much.

    The only time we get mad is when you don't post ENOUGH!!

    That's what "this thing of ours" is for.

    I really recommend getting a Dixie Gunworks Catalogue. They have LOTS of old original and repro BP military and commercial parts and accesories, and I was thumbing through mine in the bathroom this morning and they have SEVERAL books and references on the Enfields listed.

    I also got some brass rivets from them to do some scabbard work before too.

    They are great to deal with, the catalogue is like $5.00 and is loaded with tons of great stuff and information even if you never buy from them. The reference pages are worth TWICE the price. I get lots of info from them. They are fun just to read.

    Anybody that sells original replacement frizzens and bridles for a Brown Bess third pattern SHOULD be able to help you!!!

    I listed their 800 number on another post, just call and order one.

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    Thanks I am going to order one right up...how in the world do you secure the pins? I have thought a lot about it, but not seeing one I dont know how to install them. Can you please help me? Chris