Leatherneck Square

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    Since coming into this forum, my memory has been jogged and bits and pieces are coming back..such as the phrase "leatherneck square". I think I remember three of the four citys that bordered it, correct me if I'm wrong.
    Con Thien,Cam Lo,Dong ha and I'm thinking maybe Gio Linh

    I'm not too sure of the spellings of these either. LZ Sharon comes to mind too, as being by Con Thien...memories of French Bunkers along some of the bridges ..ROK's using cross cuts to saw boards for the villagers...pardon my ramblings


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    For God Sake Grunt, don't forget KheSanh---he's not going to let us ever forget that ungodly place. wilborn

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    a belated Welcome?
    I can't remember if I ever greeted you Grunt when you came on Board so I'd like to sayGreetings and Welcome to you Bud. I've been MIA here at the Board with some things that called me away and also a ton of remodeling before Xmas.

    Still have more to do plus put up two Xmas trees...ours and the mother-in-laws. So you won't see much of me.

    Again, Welcome!

    ...I'll let ya buy me a beer some other time at Hawks NCO Club.