Leaving the plantation

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    It would seem that the Demoncrats are losing control of their base. It would seem that more and more American's of African decent are turning their backs on the Demoncrats...go figure.


    Black Democrat Flees the Plantation

    "Democrats continue to experience problems in the South as the defection of local elected officials to the GOP continues," United Press International reported today.

    The latest to escape: Alabama state Rep. Johnny Ford, former mayor of Tuskegee. Ford, a five-year legislative veteran, becomes the first black Republican in the state House since Reconstruction.

    Though the Dems still have a 63-42 majority, state GOP Chairman Marty Connors is encouraged.

    "Finally, what pushed him across the aisle were the personal efforts of Gov.-elect Bob Riley. It's huge news for us. A marathon starts with the first step, but it still clearly indicates that the party is changing, and we really are broadening our appeal to the black community."

    Connors predicts more switches. "The GOP is clearly now the governing party in Alabama, and there are a lot of people who are waking up to that fact. Things are trending our way."

    In addition to the governor, both of Alabama's U.S. senators are Republicans.
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