Lee Precision inc. comes through for me

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    Yes sir, Lee done me a big favor by making me a .44 caliber swaging die body, but I had to make the ram ejector stem that goes inside the die as well as the threaded knob on top of the stem.

    It was fabricated to the specifications I requested which was .430 diameter. Bullets come out consistently at that diameter after riding the nose punch up into the die body while on my Herter Super O Maximum reloading press...a press that is over 45 years old. (see attachment pix) one on the left.

    Cost for this die body was only $50 and that included state tax and mailing to myself.

    Any of you swagers out there might want to tell 'em Jim sent ya.

    To save cost Lee made this die body out of an existing 35-25 seating die, beats me how they were ever able to bore out that hard heat treated metal...but they did it...and it works fine.


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