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(1/4/03 2:14:22 am)
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I have recently come to inherit a family shotgun and rifle that I would like some information on if possible. First the shotgun. My father tells me that its a 16ga. shotgun. The following markings can be found on it. On the right barrell it reads, Lefever Nitro Special. The right barrel reads, Lefever arms co Ithaca NY.On the underside of the barrells, there is a number 252288.Im sorry for the crude discription of the following markings but I dont know all the parts of this type of shotgun. On the latch that fits the stock portion, there is a number 2 on the curved metal piece. On the small notch that snaps into the upper stock part, there is what appears to be the following letters. E,r,d?On the upper stock portion that snaps into the underside of the barrell there is the following. S 252288. On the actual stock, the metal part where the barrells lock in, there is the same 252288 number with a 16, and there is a lettering of "patd" on the metal as well.On either side of the Metal part there is an etching of a Duck or goose of some type flying. It has two triggers, no hammers and is breached with a lever that you move to the right. The forestock and the handle have an x type engraved pattern.I would say the shotgun is in fair condition as the action is a little loose when you hold the handle grip and the barrells and move them from side to side.

Now for the rifle....

The rifle is an 8mm mauser. The story has it that my great Grandfather bought it late in life and make a sporting rifle out of it. It has the following markings. There is a Seal or symbol of some type on a section where the bolt slides into. The top part of the seal reads
"Fabrica de armas over a seal that appears to be a bird looking to the left with a circle around its head in the background. In the middle of the bird, there is a shield divided into 4 parts with a crown on the top of it.Under the emblem it reads "La Coruna, with a line over the N ( spanish made?). There is a date stamp of 1945.On the side of this piece that has the initial markings are the following: C642, some repeted stamp of a cross of some type, with Cal 792 and p p inside a box. The bolt has the following: same cross type marking, and k-6422.

I know this is rather lengthy in discription, but if you could please give any information about either of these two weapons, I would greatly appreciate it.


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(1/4/03 7:36:26 am)
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waltman34, Hello and welcome to The Firearms Forum.
Feel free to browse our other forums, and join in anywhere you like.

Check back with us, I'm sure someone will be able to answer your questions for you.

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(1/4/03 9:40:09 am)
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Hi Waltman34.....welcome to TFF.

The Lefever was the first commercially successful hammerless double barrel shotgun made in Amnerica. They were made in Syracuse, NY from 1885 to 1916, at which time the company was acquired by Ithaca Gun Co. Ithaca made the Lefever after 1916. The Nitro Special was introduced in 1921. Production of Lefever guns ceased in 1948.

The value of your gun will depend on condition (includes 20% add-on for 16 ga.):

60% = $240
70% = 270
80% = 300
90% = 360
95% = 420

I suspect that your rifle is a Spanish Mauser.....Bob in St. Louis is our expert on those. I'll leave that to him.

I left a message for Bob in the Staff Room. Keep checking back, he should be along shortly.

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Bob In St Louis
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(1/4/03 4:46:19 pm)
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The rifle is indeed a Spanish Model 1943 Mauser, made at the La Coruna facility. It is in 8mm Mauser (7.92 = 8mm mauser). The Maltese Cross symbol was used as a military proof mark during the Franco regime.

It is a nice added attraction that the bolt number is matching to the rifle. These are nice mausers, and a lot of them were used as a base for sporterizing. The value of the rifle will depend greatly on the condition of the bore. If the bore is pretty corroded and dark, value will be in the $75 to $100 range. If you have one with a very good to excellent bore (one of the more rare condition ones due to extensive corrosive ammo use) it could be worth $200 to $250.

Welcome to the forums!
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