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(3/17/02 11:30:33 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Trying to find the value and exact type of LeFever Shotgun
The Shotgun Serial Number is 31291, It is a 30" Double barreled 12 Ga. LeFever Shotgun. It was my great-grandfather's gun, but is in Excellent condition. Etching is quite easy to see and all parts are original. It has an etching of a pheasant on the left side of the action, along with what appears to be the sun. The Right side has a duck taking off and the sun again. The Sun appears on the bottom of the trigger guard and the bottom of the action. Patent dates are 1872, 78,80,85,86,87. The research I have done so far shows it to have been manufactured in 1899. I have seen these guns referred to by grades such as E, EE, FF etc. and only see one letter, after the serial number, under the barrels, and that letter is an F, but I don't know if that equates. I would be much obliged if someone can tell me if this is a nice weapon. I know it will not fire today's ammo (for fear of blowing the gun up), but should I even try to fire it with special ammo, or is it too valuable for that?

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(3/18/02 3:59:43 am)
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Re: Trying to find the value and exact type of LeFever Shotg
Sounds like an F-grade to me. You dont say whether it has Damascus twist or fluid-steel barrels, and that makes a difference as to worth and shootability.

In very good original condition, F-grades can bring $800-$1000, slightly less with Damascus barrels.

Even with fluid barrels, I would not shoot the old shotgun with modern ammo. Just too many potential problems.
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