Legal guns for non-citizens??

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    Jun 3, 2008
    Legal guns for non-citizens??

    Hello to all. Here is a copy of a recent Editorial printed in one of the newspapers here in Connecticut that I wrote. It is self -explanatory...
    To the Editor:
    I am appalled to find out, that while Connecticut is one of the top three strictest states regarding gun laws, that I recently discovered that they allow pistol permits for NON-citizens?? Since when has this been in effect? For a legal alien resident ( as proclaimed on the Dept of Public Safety web-site ) to only need proof of residency and an Alien registration number.. is at best absurd! In this day and age...when there exists the potential of unlimited anti-US aliens to become 'residents' and obtain firearms..never mind permits to carry is outrageous at best! These persons, in most cases, bear no loyalty to America nor would they defend the Constitution. In fact...there would be a high possibility of alien 'residents' to legally buy ( and CARRY ) guns while organizing within our borders. I have been a certified Firearms Instructor for nineteen years. I recently met a non-US citizen who openly 'bragged' he had just obtained a carry permit ( which already showed a serious breach of ethics and lack of maturity and character ) as most persons who obtain permits do so without the intent of publicly broadcasting the knowledge. I believe our Governor
    as well as our Attorney General should change this law, as well as pass on the suggestion to other states.

    Sign me,
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    Mar 16, 2004
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    While at college in Missouri, I was friends with a guy from Danmark. He was able, after tons of paperwork, to buy a bolt gun. When I left the state he was in the process of filing paperwork to be able to bring the rifle back to Danmark.

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    This is something that can be easily misconstrued. Legal alien residents are those who have declared an intent to become citizens, have entered the country legally, have started their work to become naturalized and are here because they want to assimilate and JOIN with us. One does not get a green card just by showing up and proving that one is breathing.

    Washington State is the only state in the Union which doesn't allow LEGAL resident aliens to handle guns without a special license. This matter is up before our legislature and in the courts right now.

    That person's complaint would mean that, should Tranter decide to immigrate, with intention of becoming a US Citizen, and were to do so by following all the rules, regulations and gyrations required, he wouldn't be allowed to own, handle or be around guns.

    Don't get hung up on the "alien" word.

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    Dec 8, 2007
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    How about here in Maryland. We give unrestricted drivers license to Illegal aliens.
    Maryland is not a gun friendly state. So why do they give the undeserving the tools they need to violate federal firearms law?
    Are they knowingly allowing this, to hype the increase in firearms violence to further their agenda?
    I believe the Maryland general assembly knowingly allows Maryland citizens to die at the hands of illegals to further their own ends.
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    Jul 11, 2007
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    I concurr with pops on this. A person who has went through the leagal process to begin their quest for US citizenship should be allowed to enjoy the same liberties that we as citizens do as long as our laws are followed.
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    Feb 4, 2009
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    +10!! Legal immigrants are the only ones who possess valid green cards. That means they have declared the intent to become citizens.

    Don't forget that the United States was founded by IMMIGRANTS!

    Illegal immigrants on the other hand usually have no loyalty to anyone other than immediate loyalty to any nation.

    Be very careful of who you condemn.