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(10/21/01 4:16:44 pm)
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Correcting or Adjusting Length of Pull?
I have a sporting clays O/U in which the LOP is too short...about a 1/2". Can this be corrected without replacing the stock?(Presently a MC stock) hi-grade wood..has a Deccelerator* Pad installed presently.
Are spacers the answer?(wood/plastic?)
Wish I knew. Can you all help?
Charlie D
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(10/21/01 8:38:54 pm)
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What type of gun is it? If it is an A-5 I would send you my long one for your short one.Have you priced a new stock? It might not be that much more??? Worth checking into anyway. Then you would have two stocks for the gun is it ever goes to a child or is sold. I am sure spacers would work but it might look strange with that many spacers. I am not sure if there is another brand of pad that is thicker?
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(10/21/01 11:47:10 pm)
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Well, there are several options. First, I would suggest AGAINST a wood spacer. You will never get the grain to match and will look obvious and IMHO ugly. There are a couple of different 1/2" buttstock spacers out there, a hard rubber type in black ($9.95) and a black polymer type ($9.95). They are fitted exactly the same as a recoil pad would be. If I were to choose between the two, I'd go with the black polymer to give a solid base for the Decelerator pad.

Another option is to install an adjustable butt plate mady by either Graco or Speedlock. These allow for up to over an inch in length of pull, plus vertical adjustment as well. More expensive, but potentially the better option for shotgun fit and resale value.

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Different name
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(10/22/01 6:51:46 pm)
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Length of Pull Adjustment?
I appreciate the advice and your suggestions to my inquiry. The gun I'm trying to correct, if I can, is my favorite O/U (Ithaca 605 dimensioned for Sporting Clays,
with special Monte Carlo stock, a trap rib (dbl sights),
choke tubed, ported, and back boring/tricked forcing cones, etc.

I will arrange for the Winchester Shop to install the black spacers. Keeping proper alignment requirements in keeping with Monte Carlo angle.
Charlie D
Thank you all very much.
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